We Help Businesses Gain New Customers

Our mission is simple: To help small & local businesses attract new customers and increase sales, by designing & implementing effective digital marketing campaigns.

We combine different advertising platforms & methods that will work best for your specific business. In the end, it's the outcomes that matter above everything else.

How Do We Do It?

We put your business in front of potential customers
Who are currently looking for the type of product / service that you offer

These are people who are in need of a specific product / service and are actively searching for a company to hire or to purchase from.

How do we target this group?
Search Engines (e.g. Google, Bing)

Online Search is the primary way that consumers find products & services today. The goal is for your business to show up for specific search phrases (ex. "roofing company Toronto"). This can be achieved a) with SEO (showing up in maps & organic search results); b) with paid Google search ads. The optimal strategy combines both, in order to maximize your business's visibility, to ensure that consumers find your business as they're searching.

Display Ads

Display Ads (also known as banner ads) allow you to target individuals that are researching a certain topic, or have expressed interest in making a purchase within a specific product / service category. They provide an excellent way to present your products & services to consumers as they are researching and evaluating their options - so that your business is present during this important stage of the purchase process.

Who aren't currently searching, but may still potentially become a customer

These are people who aren't searching for anything specifically, but if you capture their interests properly, they may decide to purchase.

How do we target this group?
Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (& others) have highly engaged audiences, and are great platforms for showcasing your products / services and to build awareness / interest / desire. They allow you to target specific groups of people that fit your desired customer profile, that would be more likely to purchase - based on age, location, income, interests, and other factors.

Video Advertising

Being a visual medium, video advertising (such as YouTube ads) is a great way to demonstrate your products / services and pique the interests and imaginations of consumers. Video ads allow you to communicate a strong message quickly and keep the audience interested and highly engaged.

What Makes Us Different


Custom-designed solutions for your specific business

A lot of advertising / marketing companies will simply sell a specific product or service - such as Facebook Advertising.

However, every method doesn't always work in every case, for every type of business.

That's why we design and execute custom strategies using a range of methods and advertising platforms - whichever are best for your specific business for the objectives we're aiming to achieve.


Turning potential customers into actual customers

To do advertising effectively, you need to target the right people with the right message.

Most of our work goes into developing an advanced strategy: identifying your business's strengths / positioning in the market, identifying consumer needs within your industry, and testing different ad & messaging configurations.

We do all of this to be as efficient and effective as possible - increasing the likelihood that consumers that interact with your business will turn into actual customers.


Using advanced advertising & marketing methods

Our ultimate goal is to bring in as many new customers for your business, for your size of budget. To do so, we use advanced online methods (such as segmented targeting, remarketing, lookalike audiences, local SEO) to stretch your budget as far possible.

Using targeted methods (compared to mass advertising) ensures that we're only putting your business in front of consumers who are actually in the market for the products & services that you offer.

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Strategy is at the core of everything that we do. Our aim is to create & execute world-class quality advertising & marketing campaigns - that are affordable and accessible to small & local businesses.

The results you get from marketing depend on the quality and sophistication of the strategy behind the approach.

We spend most of our time thinking about not just where to market & advertise our clients' businesses - but how to do it in order to bring about the most effective results.

This involves choosing the right messaging, ad formats, and consumer targeting.

What Do Our Clients Have To Say?

Delivering only the highest quality of service with real-world, measurable results. Contact us today to become yet another one of our success stories.

Zachary Ho T.
Jeremy, Michal, and the team are amazing at what they do. They’re extremely experienced and knowledgeable in their field. And with a results-oriented approach to marketing, you can’t go wrong working with them! Highly recommended!
Andrew B.
Christina Chic C.
Tylar T
Christina I.
Tylar T.
Great communication and very professional service. We always felt in the loop and knew what was going on and what was being delivered through the whole process. Highly recommend.
Joseph B.
Reliable, and professional service. Great customer care as well!
Marlin T.
Rosalia I.
Matthew B.
The team at Active Business Growth are clear experts in the field of SEO and internet marketing and we've been very happy with their level of service and results achieved. Highly recommended!
Gary B.
Michael S.
Expert SEO consultants, Google Ads specialists, and search engine marketing gurus. Can't recommend enough.
Peter M.
A digital marketing agency that actually cares about their clients' results. Easily the best Richmond Hill SEO company.
Cole Y.
The most professional SEO experts I've had the pleasure of working with within the Greater Toronto Area. 5 stars all the way around. Highly recommend.
Lauren G.
From the very beginning of our consultation I could tell that ABG was different from the other SEO companies I had talked to. This group took a keen interest in actually understanding my business needs and provided a unique strategy to help improve traffic to my local storefront. They did not provide a simple one size fits all strategy that I was used to hearing from other companies and am extremely impressed with the level of support that is given. Overall Active Business Growth has helped grow my online presence in my local area even more than I was expecting, and I could not be more excited for what the future may hold for my business with their help.
Christopher P.
Very quick, knowledgable and great work!
Elizabeth M.
Couldn't recommend more! Jeremy and the Active Business Growth team really go out of their way to take care of your business and make sure it succeeds.Being a brick and mortar business owner with 2 different locations, their local SEO services were able to bring more foot traffic to BOTH of my storefronts and have helped me scale immensely!Active Business Growth is the real deal, and I'd choose them to be on my team any day of the week.
Martin B.
Active Business Growth is the best local SEO service I've ever tried. Over the years, I've been with many different marketing companies who promise the world but never deliver. But these guys are the COMPLETE opposite. They exceeded my organic SEO growth targets more than I thought was possible for the amount of time I've been with them so far! Highly recommend to anyone looking for top-notch local SEO services.
Chrystal B.
Jeremy is a great local SEO professional, who is up-front and honest about the work that he does and who is only willing to bring on work that he knows he can successfully execute.
Aaron A.
When you put passion, and perfection together you get a colossus entity. Active Business Growth has immensely boosted my revenue within weeks! The team is amazing- easy to get in contact with and undoubtedly reliable. Jeremy literally went above the top to help formulate an amazing business plan for my business all while increasing my advertisements. Without a doubt the best way to grow your business is through Active Business Growth. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself- guaranteed an increase in your business within weeks.
Nikki B.
The span of my experience was extremely well customer oriented. I had been having difficulties for some months now on a successful execution for a project our company was looking to launch. One of their associates Jeremy was more than helpful and willing to hear us out at lengths. Overall highly recommended.
Nick L.
As a new small business owner, I needed help in getting more exposure for my company. As a home renovations company, it's important for me to have a strong online presence. I had a website and advertisements on Kijiji, but I was not getting many inquiries. Jeremy helped me with this, and I was getting more and more calls for my services. Jeremy is a great person to work with, and very knowledgeable as well (who knew what an SEO was?). I highly recommend their services for any small business owners out there!
Jason T.
The amount of time and effort this company has spent on my small business is more than I could have ever hoped for and the results speak for themselves. An absolute pleasure to work with!
Chris P.
Great company. Very understanding and great customer services! Highly recommend for any business.
Zachary Ho T.
Fantastic customer service. They took my thoughts and concerns seriously and I never felt out of the loop. Would highly recommend.
Michael H.
The definition of 5 star service.
Deniz S.
They walk it like they talk it. Best results we’ve gotten from any digital marketing service. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for more customers online. Unreal
Andrew B.
Excellent customer service!
Samantha S.
Amazing service! Got amazing results!! Would definitely recommend to other business owners
Rosalia I.
Great company culture and amazing service. Been to many services similar to this and this one is by far the most comprehensive and effective, they kept their promise and exceeded my organic growth target. Would recommend for companies of any size. Message me if you want more information and insight on my experiences!!
Justin L.

Our Core Basic Principles


We know how frustrating it is working with a company that treats you as a number.

That’s why we operate as a boutique – only serving a limited amount of clients at any given time. Our two founders & head directors personally design, manage, and oversee every single campaign. With us, you’ll never speak to a clueless ‘account manager’ or ‘sales rep’.

We stay in close contact with our clients, promptly respond to calls and e-mails, and maintain a reliable direct source of communication


Results & Accountability

Results are the most important thing to us, above everything else. That’s why we’ll never recommend or try to ‘upsell’ you on something that won’t result in real effective outcomes (customers, sales, and growth).

Further to our commitment towards ensuring positive results – we provide standard monthly reporting showing the exact impact our campaign had in the previous period.

Advanced Strategy

We apply marketing principles and best operating practices to every strategy that we design and implement.

This includes leveraging consumer psychology, market research, and branding principles.

We are so much more than just an agency that purchases ads for businesses. Our strength is in the thought and strategy that goes behind it – which is the key to maximizing effectiveness and achieving optimal results.




ABG’s two co-founders and head directors oversee every client account, so you’ll never be juggled around between different ‘reps’ or transitioning staff

We stay in close contact with our clients, promptly respond to calls and e-mails, and maintain a reliable direct source of communication



We believe that you should know exactly what services are being rendered as part of your website’s SEO efforts

That’s why we provide a detailed monthly outline of what changes and optimizations we propose to do the next month, and a report on outcomes and results from the previous period



We view SEO from a strategic business perspective, focusing on maximizing volume and conversions, rather than just ranking on arbitrary keywords

We develop a fully tailored, completely customized SEO strategy based on your specific business’s goals; because of this, no two campaigns are the same

Your Complete Business Growth Partner

We do more than just digital marketing. Our goal is to help you develop your brand and core business offerings, to find new markets and consumer groups - with the ultimate aim of growing and expanding your business.


Brand Strategy


Integrated Marketing

Helping Businesses Achieve a
Strong Online Presence

Putting your business in front of consumers that are actively in the market for the type of products / services that you offer.

Award winning expertise and knowledge

We have been featured across a wide range of external publications – contributing articles and thought pieces on topics related to brand growth, digital marketing, SEO, and more.

Our very own Knowledge Centre has even recently been awarded the Top 100 Blog award for SEO.


Equipped with some of the best industry tools

Our digital marketing & research tools allow us to do comprehensive analyses to develop detailed strategic action plans for our clients.


Request A Free Business Assessment
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