Driven by a passion to help small businesses grow

We are SEO and Digital Marketing professionals with a wide range of experience working at top advertising & marketing agencies. We have a strong track record of developing & executing digital marketing campaigns for businesses big and small.

Our aim at Active Business Growth is to give small businesses the same quality of success and world-class customer service & attention that big brands get.

We have admiration and respect for small business owners, and strive to achieve the most effective and efficient results - in the form of helping businesses gain new customers, make sales, and grow their business to the next level.


Straightforward Communication

We know how frustrating weak communication can be - with unkowledgable and constantly changing employees.

That's why you'll always speak directly with our founders and head directors - who don't change, and know your business inside & out.


Experienced &

We are experienced SEO and digital marketing practitioners, personally handling your campaign from strategy to execution.

No salespeople. No administrative staff. Just the actual pros who know what they're doing and what they're talking about.


Real & Effective

We have a strong record of highly successful campaigns for a widge range of small/medium sized busineses.

Our focus is real results (attracting new customers, generating more sales) and transparently reporting outcomes.

Meet our Founders & Head Directors

Jeremy Lawlor

Growing up in a family of nine, Jeremy was surrounded by entrepreneurs his entire life. Since diapers are in no way cheap, his parents were forced to use their creativity and hustle to start multiple businesses while working full-time jobs to support the family. His father started a manufacturing company and his mother ran a small daycare and a local cleaning business. From a very young age and while the internet marketing industry was still in its infancy, Jeremy was responsible for the advertising of his parents' businesses online.

Many years later and having graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in finance and marketing, Jeremy decided to use his analytical skills and industry knowledge to help the very people that he's identified with his entire life - other business owners. His experience in SEO, PPC, and digital marketing as a whole, combined with his passion for helping the fellow business owner create a better life for their family, Active Business Growth was born. Ever since, Jeremy has prided himself in operating the company on the basic core principles he was raised with: integrity, dependability, transparency, strong work ethic, and always being of service to others. These values are what commit Jeremy and the team at ABG to follow through on their promises and get the job done, and are what allow them to consistently go above and beyond client expectations and reliably deliver results.

Michal Rutkowski

Michal was raised in a working class home, with a real appreciation for the struggles and efforts of hard-working people. That is the foundation of his drive to help small businesses grow and to deliver impactful outcomes. Michal began his career after completing a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto, with a postgraduate certification in Advertising at Sheridan College. He started in advertising & marketing at Mediacom, a top global advertising agency, developing strategy and research insights for large global brands across various industry verticals. In this role, he solidified his passion and ability in finding valuable insights to solve communications objectives, based on complex data sets.

Michal is a driven learner and highly technically inclined - with an advanced knowledge of web development (HTML, CSS, JS) and past experience as a senior SEO technician. While working in the ad industry, he'd spend countless hours during his long train commutes studying web development & advanced digital marketing methods suitable for small businesses - all while taking on several freelance roles. He has since successfully planned, managed, and executed dozens of SEO and Paid Ad campaigns for small businesses across various categories, as well as a few website development projects. His past educational background and passion for psychology is also integral to shaping his approach when developing advertising strategies for clients.

Empowering business owners through workshops and education

We love extending our knowledge to business owners who prefer to manage their own digital marketing and SEO.

Check out our knowledge center for a collection of some of our past articles with tips on how to grow a business using digital channels. We are also pleased to hold in-person training seminars, such as the Vanderburgh Certification Series for the Richmond Hill Board of Trade.


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