A Quick Intro

Hi there! My name is Michal and I’m the head of Active Business Growth. 

My vision for ABG is simple: To provide small & medium sized businesses with high quality digital advertising & marketing services that deliver real & meaningful results.

Having been in the ad industry for several years, I’m very familiar with the quality of service that small & medium sized businesses typically get from digital marketing agencies. Overpromising, underdelivering, unknowledgeable reps, hidden fees – these are all things that many business owners unfortunately have to face when dealing with agencies.

My goal is to do things differently, and provide small & medium sized businesses with the type of sophisticated, high quality, and results driven advertising & marketing services that typically only big global brands have access to. 

Doing Things Differently

Everything that we do follows two core basic principles:

Quality & results, above everything else

The purpose of advertising and marketing should always be to achieve real results: gaining leads, new clients, and increasing sales.

I never loose sight of this, and to always be in line with this goal, there are several things that I maintain:

I personally design every strategy and oversee every campaign, to ensure a high level of quality, performance, and focused direction.

Not all marketing or advertising approaches make sense for every business. In my pursuit of aiming to always deliver the absolute best results possible, I am straightforward about what would or wouldn’t work for a specific business, and I will never try to get a business to use an approach that I don’t think would be highly effective.

Just like a carpenter, the level of precision and quality that you’re able to achieve largely depends on the tools that you have at your disposal. That’s why we maintain a significant budget each month on some of the leading data analysis, SEO, productivity, and design tools.

When designing strategies and campaigns, I always think of the big picture. Who is the target audience and what is the desired action that we’re aiming to get them to take? Where are we most likely to reach them effectively? What are the best unique selling propositions to prompt desired outcomes? Which conversions do we track?

This is just scratching the surface, but it’s a glimpse into the level of detail that I go into with every strategy, and it’s what sets the difference between merely running campaigns and actually achieving meaningful results.

Providing Exceptional Service

Mutual respect, honesty, transparency, and straightforward communication. These are the pillars of all of my relations and interactions with clients.

My goal is to make a positive impact on every business that I work with, and to achieve the highest level of satisfaction possible. With this in mind, I make sure to follow the following principles:

Situations change, and sometimes you need to cut down or stop your marketing altogether. I am sympathetic to this, and it is why I uphold our “advertise with flexibility” principle, allowing our clients to pause or cancel their campaigns at any time, and never doing long term contracts or imposing cancellation fees.

Sometimes you need to put in extra time – whether it’s analyzing complex data sets, making edits to make something just right, or any other number of reasons. To achieve my uncompromising goal of always delivering the best results possible, I never set a limit to how many hours I spend working on any client – even if it means working additional long hours or weekends.

Whether you have a question you want to ask or you need something urgently, you can always reach me. No sales reps or secretaries – you can reach me directly, whether you prefer e-mail, text, video call, or phone. 

Sharing Our Knowledge & Expertise

We are passionate about teaching business owners about the intricacies of digital marketing.

Richmond Hill Board Of Trade

We are passionate about connecting, serving and empowering our local business community. We are proud members of the Richmond Hill Board of Trade, and have had the privilege of extending our knowledge to the community, such as through the Vanderburgh Certification Series.

Local Chamber Of Commerce Membership.

Knowledge Center

We enjoy extending our knowledge to business owners who want to learn about SEO, PPC, and digital marketing themselves.

Check out our knowledge center for a collection of some of our past articles with tips on how to grow a business using digital channels. We are also pleased to hold in-person training seminars, such as the Vanderburgh Certification Series for the Richmond Hill Board of Trade.

Striving For Excellence

Everything that we do follows two core basic principles:

Google Partner

Google Partners is a program for that recognizes high-performing advertising agencies that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other businesses.

In reaching our Google Partner status, we have demonstrated ongoing results and success for our clients, and have maintained required skills tests and certifications.

Microsoft Advertising Partner

Microsoft Advertising Partners recognizes and  the most competent and qualified agencies in the advertising industry that manage Microsoft Advertising accounts on behalf of other businesses.

Microsoft & Bing Advertising Partner 2021

Awards & Achievements

We have been consistently recognized by some of the leading digital marketing publications, for driving client success in the areas of SEO, PPC advertising, and digital marketing broadly.

Some of the major sites that we’ve been recognized or featured on include Clutch, SEMfirms, and Upcity.

Better Business Bureau

We are committed to providing a safe and trustworthy experience for our clients. Click the BBB icon to see our BBB accreditation status and report.

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