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Our Mission
Big Brand Advertising For Local Businesses

Advertising and marketing, at the end of the day, should aim directly at producing real, measurable results – namely, drawing customers to the business and increasing leads, sales, and revenue. Large global brands remain focused on these aims and spend limitless resources towards their achievement.

Our mission is to provide this type of approach and focused thinking for local businesses, where every strategy that we execute is well thought-out, calculated, and always aimed at growing the business’s bottom line.

A Quick Introduction

We are a duo of digital marketing professionals who met while working in the industry.

Our Inspiration For Active Business Growth

Our inspiration came from seeing the poor level of digital marketing services that were available to local businesses.

We've heard many stories of what some businesses had to go through with their marketing companies: from dealing with unknowledgeable reps, to being charged obnoxious additional hidden fees, to not knowing where, how, or even if their ads are having an impact.

Giving Big Brand Capabilities To Local Businesses

We wanted to do things differently. We approach every advertising and marketing challenge with careful consideration, meticulous planning, and calculation of what would be the most effective strategy for our clients' businesses.

In essence: our sole purpose is to give local businesses the quality of advertising and marketing that big brands get.

Get To Know Us

Jeremy Lawlor

Growing up in a family of nine, I was exposed to entrepreneurship and disciplined work ethic from a very young age. My parents had no choice but to use their creativity and ingenuity to start multiple small businesses to support the family. This led me to gain an empathetic understanding of the everyday struggles that small business owners face and is the reason I’ve focused my career on helping these very entrepreneurs.

With an interest in studying all things business, I completed my Bachelor of Commerce in marketing and entrepreneurship from Ryerson University. From there, I worked as an analyst at Canadian Tire’s corporate headquarters in downtown Toronto, while taking on freelance marketing work on the side. As I landed more freelance gigs, I quickly realized a common issue: there is wide gap in the level of sophistication in marketing that corporate brands get compared to small businesses that have a more limited budget. Recognizing this fact, I decided to sharpen my small business marketing skills by landing a role as a senior SEO analyst at a large Canadian marketing agency. This combined experience has allowed me to work with hundreds of clients across just about every business industry and niche, and has led to the development of world class hyper-local marketing strategies using PPC, SEO, Google Ads, and online advertising to the direct benefit of ABG’s clients.

When not developing strategies to help our clients succeed, I enjoy exercising, reading, and catching up/grabbing a drink with old friends.

Michal Rutkowski

Coming from a modest working-class background, I relate to having to constantly strive and work hard. I appreciate the efforts of small business owners and the unique challenges and responsibilities that they face. This is at the core of my drive and vision to use my abilities to help small businesses.

I began my career after completing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Toronto, and a postgraduate certification in Advertising at The Pilon School of Business at Sheridan College. I started in advertising & marketing at Mediacom, a top global advertising agency, developing advertising & marketing strategies and research insights for large global brands. In this role, I developed my ability to analyze complex data sets in order to extract insights to guide advertising & communications strategies.

I’m a driven learner and technically inclined – with an advanced knowledge of web development (HTML, CSS, JS), which greatly helped me excel in my past role as a SEO technician. Early on while working in the ad industry, I’d spent countless hours during my long train commutes home studying online advertising methods that are most effective & practical for small businesses. In between, I had also taken on several freelance roles to put all of the theory into practice. I have since successfully planned, managed, and executed dozens of SEO, website development, and online ad campaigns for small businesses – both in work and freelance roles as well as for ABG’s clients.

A Different Approach
What Sets Us Apart

Same People, Every Time

We work on every client campaign ourselves and personally communicate with our clients directly - ensuring that you’re always dealing with someone who knows your business and is accountable for the work that gets done.

Excellence Is Our Only Option

We don't have a staff of entry-level “account managers” working on your campaign who may suddenly leave to do something else.

We have put our hearts and souls into ABG, and our reputation for our work means everything to us. That’s why we are meticulous with everything we do, and go above and beyond to consistently deliver the greatest possible outcomes for our clients.

Using Advanced Digital Marketing Methods

In our experience, we've seen many companies that offer marketing for small and local businesses use common, basic methods that are limited in their effectiveness. This means that every dollar you spend isn’t going as far as it could, and a lot of your budget is simply going to waste.

We incorporate advanced targeting methods into every digital advertising campaign we create, so that your ad budget is spent as efficiently as possible.

Passing On The Savings To You

A typical ad agency has huge overhead costs: account managers, sales reps, admin staff, executives, perks and benefits... the list goes on. This means that your marketing spend mainly goes towards funding the agency’s large organizational structure and the costs that come with it.

We’ve put a lot of time into identifying how to offer marketing services efficiently and effectively, while getting rid of all of the extra baggage and costs. That’s why we’ve committed to things such as: 1) investing in enterprise-level tools vs. hiring a large admin and managerial staff; 2) working out of our home offices vs. paying for expensive rent; 3) setting up automation frameworks vs. hiring entry-level employees to do manual, menial tasks. In turn, this also allows us to offer competitive pricing.

A Real And Personable Relationship

We are regular people who are easy to approach and talk to. We'll never pass you on to a commissioned sales rep who is simply looking to upsell you.

Do you have any questions or want to explore some ideas? You can e-mail us or call us any time to have a chat.

Did your situation change and you need to pause or cancel for any reason? We understand that things change, and therefore we don't charge cancellation fees or lock you into any long term contracts.

We thrive on having fluid, trusting, and genuine relationships with our clients, where we can be direct and sincere in our interactions.

Expert Recognition
Top-Tier Advertising Agency In The City

Our work has passed a rigorous 50-Point Inspection, which includes everything from review verification, ratings, reputation, history, complaints, satisfaction, trust and assessment of general excellence.

Best Advertising agencies in Richmond Hill
Exclusive Partnership #1
Google Partner

Google Partners is a prestigious marketing program for high-performing advertising agencies that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other businesses. 

We are recognized for maximizing campaign success for our clients, driving client growth by maintaining clients’ campaigns, and demonstrating Google Ads skills and expertise with certifications.

Exclusive Partnership #2
Microsoft Advertising Partner

Microsoft Advertising Partners recognizes and rewards only the most competent and qualified agencies in the advertising industry that manage Bing Ads accounts on behalf of other businesses.

We are awarded this partnership for achieving top-tier performance and dedication to creating, planning and managing digital advertising and search engine marketing campaigns for our clients using Bing Ads.

Microsoft & Bing Advertising Partner 2021
Better Business Bureau

We are committed to providing a safe and trustworthy marketing experience for our clients. Click the image below to verify our BBB accreditation and to see our BBB report.

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Local Business Advocacy
Richmond Hill Board Of Trade

We are passionate about connecting, serving and empowering our local business community. Our goal is to provide innovative marketing solutions to help business owners thrive in these unprecedented and ever-changing economic conditions.

Local Chamber Of Commerce Membership.

Developing Knowledge And Information
Workshops & Education

We enjoy extending our knowledge to business owners who want to learn about SEO, PPC, and digital marketing themselves.

Check out our knowledge center for a collection of some of our past articles with tips on how to grow a business using digital channels. We are also pleased to hold in-person training seminars, such as the Vanderburgh Certification Series for the Richmond Hill Board of Trade.

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