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    A Little Bit About Our Search Engine Optimization Agency

    We are Active Business Growth - an SEO agency that services clients all throughout the United States and Canada, businesses such as these.

    We are a group of SEO experts whose passions are to help local businesses thrive and prosper through generating new leads, traffic, and sales through Google.

    We run our business on trust and integrity - and treat all of our clients' businesses as an extension of our own.

    Currently, we have room to onboard only 2 new clients before we're at max client capacity.

    So contact us today if you're in need of the best SEO services Arizona has to offer!


    What To Look For In An Arizona SEO Company

    Seamless Lines Of Agency Communication

    From account directors to account managers to SEO managers to SEO analysts - there are SO many levels in the typical agency hierarchy that it is easy for client requests to fall through the cracks.

    This is why you must keep a watchful eye on any given agency's structure, and ensure there are no red flags been thrown around.

    Far too often do large Arizona SEO agencies end up playing a game of broken telephone with clients, and creating he-said-she-said scenarios as the disorganization of the agency causes confusion and frustration on all ends.

    Arizona SEO daily Google rankings graph.

    How Many Accounts Does Each Arizona SEO Expert Work On At Any Given Point In Time

    The sad reality is that SEO experts are underpaid and overworked.

    It is not uncommon for a single SEO analyst to be working on 70+ client accounts at any given point in time.

    This is a ludicrous amount of accounts that is absolutely unmanageable for even the most skilled SEO expert.

    For a 40-hour work week, this would mean that the analyst is working on each account for a maximum of 2.3 hours per month.

    With the amount of hard earned money that SEO costs, would you be happy to hear that for the few thousand dollars your paying for your campaign, it is only being worked on for less than 3 hours a month?

    This is the sad reality with a lot of these large SEO companies in Arizona.

    And it is also why we will always recommend signing with a smaller, customer-service-oriented SEO agency.

    Local SEO rankings of a business in Arizona.

    Who Will Be Your Main Point Of Contact For The SEO Campaign

    This is why Active Business Growth is a boutique agency.

    There is only one person you will ever talk to, and one person who is responsible for overseeing everything that goes on in the agency.

    And that is our founder, Jeremy Lawlor.

    We structured our agency in this way so that we could avoid the problems that most clients have had when partnering with large agencies.

    We wanted to create an SEO company that was a diamond in the rough, and solved all the problems that are ever-present in this industry.


    Jeremy Lawlor - Founder of Active Business Growth


    Our 5-Star Feedback

    Our results speak for themselves. See what our clients have to say about our SEO services and how they stack up against our competitors.

    Somboon S.
    Zachary Ho T.
    Jeremy, Michal, and the team are amazing at what they do. They’re extremely experienced and knowledgeable in their field. And with a results-oriented approach to marketing, you can’t go wrong working with them! Highly recommended!
    Andrew B.
    Christina Chic C.
    Tylar T
    Christina I.
    Tylar T.
    Great communication and very professional service. We always felt in the loop and knew what was going on and what was being delivered through the whole process. Highly recommend.
    Joseph B.
    Reliable, and professional service. Great customer care as well!
    Marlin T.
    Rosalia I.
    Matthew B.
    The team at Active Business Growth are clear experts in the field of SEO and internet marketing and we've been very happy with their level of service and results achieved. Highly recommended!
    Gary B.
    Michael S.
    Expert SEO consultants, Google Ads specialists, and search engine marketing gurus. Can't recommend enough.
    Peter M.
    A digital marketing agency that actually cares about their clients' results. Easily the best Richmond Hill SEO company.
    Cole Y.
    The most professional SEO experts I've had the pleasure of working with within the Greater Toronto Area. 5 stars all the way around. Highly recommend.
    Lauren G.
    From the very beginning of our consultation I could tell that ABG was different from the other SEO companies I had talked to. This group took a keen interest in actually understanding my business needs and provided a unique strategy to help improve traffic to my local storefront. They did not provide a simple one size fits all strategy that I was used to hearing from other companies and am extremely impressed with the level of support that is given.Overall Active Business Growth has helped grow my online presence in my local area even more than I was expecting, and I could not be more excited for what the future may hold for my business with their help.
    Christopher P.
    Very quick, knowledgable and great work!
    Elizabeth M.
    Couldn't recommend more! Jeremy and the Active Business Growth team really go out of their way to take care of your business and make sure it succeeds.Being a brick and mortar business owner with 2 different locations, their local SEO services were able to bring more foot traffic to BOTH of my storefronts and have helped me scale immensely!Active Business Growth is the real deal, and I'd choose them to be on my team any day of the week.
    Martin B.
    Active Business Growth is the best local SEO service I've ever tried. Over the years, I've been with many different marketing companies who promise the world but never deliver. But these guys are the COMPLETE opposite.They exceeded my organic SEO growth targets more than I thought was possible for the amount of time I've been with them so far! Highly recommend to anyone looking for top-notch local SEO services.
    Chrystal B.
    Jeremy is a great local SEO professional, who is up-front and honest about the work that he does and who is only willing to bring on work that he knows he can successfully execute.
    Aaron A.
    When you put passion, and perfection together you get a colossus entity. Active Business Growth has immensely boosted my revenue within weeks! The team is amazing- easy to get in contact with and undoubtedly reliable. Jeremy literally went above the top to help formulate an amazing business plan for my business all while increasing my advertisements. Without a doubt the best way to grow your business is through Active Business Growth. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself- guaranteed an increase in your business within weeks.
    Nikki B.
    The span of my experience was extremely well customer oriented. I had been having difficulties for some months now on a successful execution for a project our company was looking to launch. One of their associates Jeremy was more than helpful and willing to hear us out at lengths. Overall highly recommended.
    Nick L.
    As a new small business owner, I needed help in getting more exposure for my company. As a home renovations company, it's important for me to have a strong online presence. I had a website and advertisements on Kijiji, but I was not getting many inquiries. Jeremy helped me with this, and I was getting more and more calls for my services. Jeremy is a great person to work with, and very knowledgeable as well (who knew what an SEO was?). I highly recommend their services for any small business owners out there!
    Jason T.
    The amount of time and effort this company has spent on my small business is more than I could have ever hoped for and the results speak for themselves. An absolute pleasure to work with!
    Chris P.
    Great company. Very understanding and great customer services! Highly recommend for any business.
    Zachary Ho T.
    Fantastic customer service. They took my thoughts and concerns seriously and I never felt out of the loop. Would highly recommend.
    Michael H.
    The definition of 5 star service.
    Deniz S.
    They walk it like they talk it. Best results we’ve gotten from any digital marketing service. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for more customers online. Unreal
    Andrew B.
    Excellent customer service!
    Samantha S.
    Amazing service! Got amazing results!! Would definitely recommend to other business owners
    Rosalia I.
    Great company culture and amazing service. Been to many services similar to this and this one is by far the most comprehensive and effective, they kept their promise and exceeded my organic growth target. Would recommend for companies of any size. Message me if you want more information and insight on my experiences!!
    Justin L.

    SEO Arizona: Our Ranking Process

    SEO Arizona.

    SEO Audit

    First, we start off with a complimentary SEO audit.

    This audit is 100% manually done by our founder, Jeremy.

    This is to show you the current SEO opportunities present in your website and how we can take advantage of them to increase your rankings.

    Search engine marketing company.

    12-Month Action Plan

    This formalizes our findings from the SEO audit.

    This 12-month action plan is also complimentary and constructed 100% manually by Jeremy.

    This plan outlines what we will do each and every month to your website to ensure it ranks in Google for your target keywords in 12 months time.

    The best marketing agency.

    Keyword Targeting

    Next, we choose the keywords we believe is best to target for your website.

    Highly relevant, high-ROI keywords that will generate traffic, leads, and conversions on your website.

    Advertising consultants.


    Then we put the plan into action.

    Over the next 12 months, we optimize your site with SEO best practices to close in on your desired rankings.

    SEO services in the State of Arizona.

    Continual Optimization

    Each and every month, we closely monitor how the changes in the plan are effecting your website.

    We then make decisions based on the success of the campaign through time.

    Small tweaks and minor pivots may be made in order to achieve your SEO goals by the end of the 12 month cycle

    If you want Jeremy to construct a free, 12-month action plan for YOUR specific business, please fill out our form here.


    Local SEO Services In Arizona, USA

    Our Service Areas

    Our Arizona SEO Services are available in every city, including:

    • Scottsdale
    • Phoenix
    • Tucson
    • Mesa
    • Chandler
    • Glendale
    • Gilbert
    • Tempe
    • Peoira
    • Surprise
    • Yuma
    • Avondale
    • Goodyear
    • Flagstaff
    • Buckeye
    • Casa Grande
    • Lake Havasu City
    • Maricopa
    • Prescott Valley
    • Prescott
    • Oro Valley
    • Apache Junction
    • Queen Creek
    • Sierra Vista

    SEO Arizona

    Common Questions

    What Is The Average Price Of Your SEO Services?

    Our SEO services range anywhere from $500/month for tiny niche local websites all the way up to $10,000/month for corporate clients.

    However, since most of our clientele are small and local businesses, our average price is about $1,000/month.

    How Long Does It Take To Rank My Website In Google?

    This, again, is a highly individual question for many reasons.

    Google takes into account over 200+ different ranking signals when evaluating where to place a website in the search engine results page (SERP).

    Some of these factors include domain age, quality backlinks, citations, keyword relevance, on-page content, etc.

    Although there is no way to give a precise answer to this question without analyzing your specific website ourselves, we typically expect a site to rank within 6-12 months.

    What Differentiates You As An Arizona SEO Company?

    What differentiates Active Business Growth as the best SEO company servicing Arizona businesses is that we are a boutique SEO firm that specializes in search engine optimization and not digital marketing as a whole.

    Most large marketing companies are just that - large companies that provide a plethora of marketing services.

    Active Business Growth, on the other hand, is made up of a small team of SEO consultants and SEO experts who live and breathe all things SEO.

    Contact us today to see why we are so highly regarded for our Arizona SEO services.

    Do You Exclusively Service Local Businesses?

    Our team has collectively worked with over 350+ SEO clients.

    Although we cater mostly to local businesses such as dentists, chiropractors, auto body shops, mechanics, etc., we still work with other types of companies such as eCommerce stores, franchises, and corporations.

    In fact, we really enjoy working with multi-location businesses and focusing on ranking them in and around each of their individual locations.

    What Other Digital Marketing Services Do You Provide?

    Although SEO is our bread and butter, we still offer other digital marketing services on an ad hoc basis.

    Meaning, if a current SEO client requests Google Ads, social media marketing, Facebook marketing, or some other form of advertising, we comply on an individual basis.

    If you'd like to know more of our digital marketing capabilities - contact us today!

    How Many Keywords Should I Optimize My Site For?

    This depends on a multitude of different factors and will vary depending on your SEO goals, industry competitors, website metrics, etc.

    At the end of the day, you want your business to show up on the first page of Google for high-intent keywords with a large search volume.

    Ranking for low volume keywords is quite arbitrary, as showing up for keywords that barely get any searchers at all won't make a difference to your business.

    This is why keyword research is so incredibly important, and selecting keywords that will actually have a positive affect on your business is something your must ensure your Arizona SEO agency does properly.

    Our services are for local businesses in the great state of Arizona!

    Click here for a 12-month SEO action plan