Online Advertising


Online Ads Are One Of The Most Effective And Economic Ways To Advertise To A Large Audience

Online ads allow you to target just the exact consumer you want to go after
Paid ads come in various formats - allowing you to be creative in your execution
Online ads are one of the most cost effective advertising methods

Facebook Ads

Facebook continues to be the leading social media platform, in size and range of it's target audience. It is also the primary social media platform used by adults 45+, a highly valuable target group for many businesses.

Advertising on Facebook is highly flexible, with various different formats available - such as image ads, carousels, video ads, and more.

Largest audience across all social media platforms
Wide range of ad formats & placements
Prompt users to engage with your business on Messenger
Target audiences based on demographics & interests

Instagram Ads

Instagram is one of the primary platforms where users discover new products & services. Instagram has a highly engaged audience, which is also great for building a loyal following.

Instagram ads offer the same flexibility as Facebook - with various different ad placements such as standard image ads, video ads, and stories.

Highly engaged audience
Great for products / services with a strong visual component

Display Ads

Display ads, or traditionally referred to as banner ads, are visual ads that appear on other websites. Display ads allow you to get in front of customers no matter where they browse on the internet - which is great for targeting those who don't use social media.

Display ads are excellent when combined with more advanced methods such as remarketing (targeting individuals who have engaged with your business previously) to display promotions or other hooks.

Target audiences across the entire internet
Possibility to create animated ads, to maximize impact
Show ads on specific websites or apps
Target audiences based on what they're actively searching to purchase
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Components of a Successful Digital Advertising Campaign

Our framework to designing effective online ad campaigns


The ad's messaging is everything that the ad is communicating - including the headings, text, calls to action, and even graphics / images. The messaging can be aimed in different ways, depending on what objective you're trying to achieve. This can include:

  • Driving sales; Promotions
  • Creating awareness for your brand / business
  • Driving consideration & purchase intent

Regardless of your communications objectives, your messaging should try to incorporate your brand's positioning / unique selling proposition. That is, communicating how your brand / products / services are different and more advantageous over your competitors. This is often the main factor to why consumers will choose one business over another.

Furthermore, it's a good idea to be highly consistent with your messages & visuals, and to develop a clear physical and symbolic brand identity. Doing this properly is the key to creating a strong symbolic connection with your consumers - which is shown to be the key factor to creating brand preference & loyalty.

Lastly, you can apply principles from psychology when crafting your messaging. This is particularly beneficial when your ads are aimed at driving sales or promotions. Some examples of these tactics include:

  • Drawing on persuasion principles such as scarcity, reciprocation
  • Creating connections between your products / services and fundamental human needs
  • Leveraging heuristics ("mental shortcuts") - using tactics such as 'social proof'
  • Developing your business's perception of authority and credibility
  • & many more..

Using Advanced Digital Advertising Methods


Remarketing is a digital advertising method where you can target individuals who have previously interacted with your business. This can be individuals who have been on your website and didn't perform a certain action, liked your social media page(s), etc.

Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences involves targeting consumer groups that most closely resemble your business's customers or individuals who have engaged with or shown interest in it. This method matches your consumer base with similar new audiences, based on hundreds of unique factors.

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    We execute and fulfill all aspects of your digital advertising campaign – including creating the ads, developing graphics, measuring outcomes, and making ongoing adjustments.

  • Helping You Fine-Tune Your Business Offerings

    As part of the planning process, we aim to identify your business’s unique strengths, in the context of your industry and main competitors. This process can help identify essential aspects of your business, and strengths and opportunities that you can leverage beyond advertising.

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