Pay-Per-Click (PPC) & Google Ads


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an effective online advertising tactic where businesses bid on relevant keyword phrases to drive traffic to their website. 

PPC will provide your business with immediate visibility, clicks, and leads from search engines like Google.


PPC & Google Ads Are One Of The Quickest Ways To Generate Immediate Leads For Your Business


Provides highly targeted leads from consumers in your local area


Gives your business immediate visibility at the very top of Google Search


Pay for performance - you only pay when an interested users clicks on your ad

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Our Limited Time Pricing Offer

We know this year has been difficult for many. To help kickstart your business back to action, we're offering our PPC ads services at our lowest costs ever, as well as THE FIRST MONTH FREE.

We are confident that our PPC ads will deliver meaningful and measurable results for your business. We don't do long-term contracts or setup fees, and if you decide not to continue after the first month, there are no cancellation fees either.

Standard Growth
$199 / month
Accelerated Growth
$299 / month
Turbo Growth
$499 / month
Competitor Research
Keyword Research
Google Analytics
Conversion Tracking X
$150 Ad Spend Credit
Setup Costs none none none
Unique Ad Copy
Ad Extensions
# of Ad Groups (up to)
? An Ad Group is how you define:
1) What consumer group you want to target;
2) What keywords you want to show up for.
Take for example, a dentist. Two examples of different ad groups could be:
  • Targeting women aged 29-54 for keywords related to pediatric or family dentistry.
  • Targeting adults aged 55+ for keywords related to veneers or dentures.
1 3 7
# of Keywords (up to)
? Keywords are the actual search phrases that your ad will show up for. Examples include: "Landscaping company Toronto" or "Bakery near me".
20 50 100
# of Ads (up to) 3 5 10
Unique Landing Pages
? For best performance, your ads should lead users to a page on your website that's related to the ad itself. For example, if you're promoting a sale, the ad should point to a page that discusses that sale.
As part of our offering, we will create brand new unique landing pages if they're needed.
X 1 3
Execution & Reporting
Campaign Performance Reporting
Tweaks & Optimizations bi-weekly weekly weekly
Recommended Monthly
Ad Budget:
$0 - $500
Recommended Monthly
Ad Budget:
$500 - $1500
Recommended Monthly
Ad Budget:

Valuable Business Benefits Of PPC & Google Ads

Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads - Google Economic Impact Report

270% of mobile searchers call a business directly from Google SearchDMR

3For high commercial intent search queries, the top three ad spots take about 40% of the clicks on the page - Wordstream

Taking Advantage Of All Aspects Of Google Ads & PPC Marketing


Google Search Ads

These are the ads you see at the very top of most Google searches that express local intent. You will notice the small "Ad" disclaimer at the top left of each listing.

These ads are great in putting your business in front of customers that are actively searching for your products and services and are looking to buy now. They are especially effective for businesses with a poor organic search presence because they will be able to generate visibility, impressions, and clicks for your business immediately.


PPC Remarketing

Google allows you to directly remarket your products and services to potential customers who have previously visited your website. This works great in nurturing your leads - as it takes an average of 7 touchpoints to make a sale.

Remarketing on Google Search is especially effective for businesses who already have a high volume of users visiting their website. It is also more cost effective - as you are paying to market to a much smaller pool of highly-engaged potential customers, rather than casting the net wide with a broad Search campaign.


Dynamic Search Ads

Have a well-structured website with specifically targeted landing pages? Dynamic Search Ads uses your website content to automatically target relevant keywords and dynamically generate the headlines of your ads to match  relevant search queries.

This leverages Google's artificial intelligence to fill in the gaps of your keyword based campaigns and optimizes your ads for any specific search query.


Smart Campaigns

Leverage Google's artificial intelligence by having their algorithm do the targeting for you.

With Smart Campaigns, you can build your ad, set your location, and place your budget - then let Google use the information in your ad text and on your website to target relevant search queries. 


Ad Extensions

Make the most out of your PPC campaigns by taking advantage of all the tools Google has to offer - including their ad extensions.

Ad extensions are different types of information you can add to your Google Ads to gain more real estate on the search engine results page as well as entice customers to take action. Some of these extensions include a Call extension, Sitelink extension, Price extension, Promotion extension, and more.


Keyword Matches & Negative Keywords

Specify which queries you want your business to show up for (or not show up for!)  by using broad match, phrase match, exact match, and negative keywords.

This is the part of the campaign where you can get creative with your marketing. Some businesses even bid on their top competitor's brand name - so that they appear above them in Google Search when a user types their name in!

What Sets Us Apart

  • We Handle All Parts Of Your PPC Campaign

    From initial setup, tracking codes, keyword research, competitive analysis, ongoing optimization and reporting. We handle every aspect of your PPC and Google Ads campaign so you can focus on what matters most – serving your customers.

  • Transparent Reporting And Results

    You’ll know exactly what we’re doing at all times. We report data and results directly from your Google Ads account, allowing you to see the real numbers of your PPC campaign.

  • Helping Small & Local Businesses Is Our Specialty

    We have backgrounds in helping large global brands with their marketing campaigns. Our goal is to bring this expertise to small and local businesses to help them grow BIG.

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