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Full Service Marketing

  • Gained 1st page visibility with keywords averaging over 10,000+ monthly searches from interested potential customers, such as “engagement rings canada”

Having already had a fairly strong foundation, the goal for Canada Diamonds was to hone in on secondary keywords that would drive additional organic traffic.

After employing a number of strategies and optimizing the website’s structure fully, we were able to achieve some of the fastest and most effective keyword improvements that we’ve seen.

Online Ads | PPC
  • Generated 1,000’s of clicks from local restaurant-goers for an average CPC of $0.10

Located in Richmond Hill, Kansas King was looking to spread online awareness of its signature BBQ offerings to potential customers throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

We took advantage of the visual aspects of Google Display Ads to affordably target residents within a 15 mile radius of the restaurant.

Online Ads | PPC
  • Created call-only ads which generated phone calls on a consistent, predictable basis

Being a seasonal business, A & B Paving was looking to book commercial and residential paving projects for the upcoming spring and summer months.

After employing an effective combination of Google Search and Google Display campaigns, they were able to ensure their employees had a full workload for the coming season.

Online Ads | SEO | PPC
  • Ranked the bakery as the #1 restaurant in Toronto for their signature dish, placing them in front of 1,000’s of local customers

A brand new Middle Eastern restaurant and bakery in Scarborough was aiming to gain more online exposure in the Toronto area.

With our strategies, Al’Deewan Bakery is now the #1 organic result for manakeesh-related keywords (their signature dish) and has become one of the most popular Lebanese restaurants in the city.

Online Ads | SEO | PPC
  • Doug and his team have become one of the 1st results for fee-only financial planners in Winnipeg

Our SEO efforts have helped Nelson Financial Consultants rank for their high-value financial-advisor-related keywords in the Winnipeg region.

Our Google Ads campaigns have also attributed to more online, Canada-wide sales of Doug Nelson’s bestselling Master Your Retirement book.

  • Generated 1st page rankings for the sign shop, placing them in front of local customers in both Toronto and Mississauga

Signs Den was looking to generate organic leads for multiple different product lines and service offerings.

After building out targeted product and service pages for these specific offerings and implementing an effective SEO strategy, Signs Den is now generating targeted organic leads through Google Search.

SEO | Website Development
  • Keyword rankings shot up from the 10+ page of Google to the 1st and 2nd page within the first few months of the campaign 

Prior to starting our SEO campaign, OnBudget Painting had a basic website configuration and low depth of content – which were the key barriers preventing the website from ranking high in organic search.

To achieve our keyword ranking objectives, we had changed the website infrastructure, developed high-quality service pages, and employed an aggressive content strategy – among other initiatives. Within the first few months of the campaign, we achieved first and second page rankings for a number of high value keywords in a highly competitive geographic market.

Online Ads | Website Development
  • Created a beautiful website that is SEO and conversion rated optimized, generating online leads for the company ever since

Renewations Home Improvements had no prior existing online presence. 

In order to facilitate their expansion and online acquisition efforts, we built them a website that includes all of the necessary features and functionality to perform well.

  • Of the specific keywords that were being separately targeted for their 17 different locations, 51% have gained the very 1st position, and 84% have pushed into the top 10 positions on the 1st page of Google

Being a business with multiple locations, our objectives included:

  • Improving the website’s visibility in organic search across several geographic regions
  • Driving organic traffic to each individual location

To do so, we employed a successful multi-location strategy to strengthen the relevance of the business and it’s individual locations for search queries specific to their respective geographic locations.

SEO | Website Development
  • Optimized the website’s mobile layout, allowing the company to be found by local customers searching for their services on their phones

Having had prior difficulty in achieving high keyword positions in an extremely competitive market, a number of initiatives were needed to be employed – including an overhaul of the website’s pages, improvements in page layouts (particularly on mobile), and improvements in page loading speeds.

Since the launch of the campaign, we have seen positive improvements across all tracked keywords, and have set up a solid foundation for these improvements to propel further.

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