Portfolio: Chestnut Flooring

Home of one of Toronto’s largest flooring showrooms, Chestnut Flooring was looking for a full service digital marketing solution.

In order to have the strongest effect in driving more foot traffic and customers to their showroom, we employed a completely integrated strategy covering all aspects of the brand’s online presence. Our focus was on being highly thorough in our approach – ensuring that all communications aligned with the brand’s positioning, and that our ad targeting and messaging was relevant and finely defined.

Our solutions introduced advanced methods to their marketing efforts – including audience retargeting campaigns across various platforms, e-commerce integration to facilitate the purchase of premium flooring materials online, a custom-built flooring cost estimator to calculate a price/quote for users based on their custom flooring specifications, and much more.

Services Provided

Website Design & Development


Search Engine Optimization

Visual Ads

New Website Development

In order to modernize the brand’s appearance and to add new functionality, we’ve built a completely new website. 

Some of the custom integrations that were added include an e-commerce solution, custom product comparison functionality, product filtering integrations, and much more. The site was built both from a functionality & performance standpoint, as well as to help drive leads, interest, and purchase intent. 

Example of a Google Ad for a flooring company.

Google Search / PPC Ads

PPC ads play an essential role in capturing customers who are in the market and actively searching for flooring products.

To capture various types of potential customers, we employ a highly robust PPC strategy that focuses around a variety of different search types. 

Search Engine Optimization

In order to drive high volumes of organic traffic across various keyword types, we use a variety of different approaches to maximize the website’s visibility in organic search. 

Video Ads

Video ads are used to convey high impact messages and to demonstrate the business’s product offerings in a visual format.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads are utilized to grow the brand’s awareness, drive relevant traffic to the site, and to effectively display the business’s offerings. 

Display Ads

Display ads are used to reach maximal awareness and to drive relevant traffic to the site at low costs. In order to make the ads as impactful and effective as possible, we use a variety of animated display ads in various different size specifications.

We also utilize a wide range of high-level targeting options, including affinity targeting, retargeting, and more. 

Flooring Calculator

In order to offer customers a unique resource that no other local competitor offers, we’ve built a highly advanced flooring calculator tool.

The tool has been a great success, providing great value to website visitors, and playing a strong role in the customer acquisition funnel.

Highlights Of Results

Using highly comprehensive ad campaign designs, and through ongoing organic search improvements, we’re able to consistently drive a significant amount of leads to the business each month.

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