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Portfolio: Chestnut Flooring

A Little Background Info

Home of Toronto’s largest flooring showroom, Chestnut Flooring was looking for a full service digital marketing solution.

In order to have the strongest effect in driving more foot traffic and customers to their showroom, we employed a completely integrated strategy covering all aspects of the brand’s online presence. Our focus was on being highly thorough in our approach – ensuring that all communications aligned with the brand’s positioning, and that our ad targeting and messaging was relevant and finely defined.

Our solutions introduced advanced methods to their marketing efforts – including audience retargeting campaigns across various platforms, e-commerce integration to facilitate the purchase of premium flooring materials online, a custom-built flooring cost estimator to calculate a price/quote for users based on their custom flooring specifications, and much more.

Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads & More

In order to make the most out of their monthly ad spend, we ran a multitude of campaigns across various marketing platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing, Waze, and Pinterest. Since then, the company has increased their ad spend budget with us by 6x, as they more than double down on what is working.


Implementing a customized strategy that included the creation of many new landing pages based on type of flooring collection, the website has seen an increase in total organic keyword rankings by more than 100% over the past 12 months.


With the inflow of many new users generated from our paid ads and SEO initiatives, we decided to leverage retargeting ads to follow up with website visitors on an automated, daily basis. This has allowed the company to remain top-of-mind in their users' eyes at all times. As all of these remarketing lists continue to grow, these animated display ads have been consistently improving in performance over time.


A consistent brand theme is essential to creating salience and strong brand recognition with target customers. With all of the moving parts in their many paid advertising campaigns, we have ensured that the website's branding is consistent across all digital touch points.

Flooring Cost Estimator

To improve user experience and increase website engagement metrics, a flooring cost estimator was created. This has helped users cost out their flooring projects with custom specifications and receive an accurate quote in a matter of minutes.

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