Portfolio: Mississauga Car Detailing

Mississauga Car Detailing emerged as a fully digital-first business. Having no previous brand affinity or customer base, the key to developing the business was centered solely around it’s online presence and digital marketing initiatives.

We built the business’s identity from the ground up, developing a brand that is highly appealing and a website that is highly functional with exceptional performance. Our online ad approaches are the key to continuing to develop the brand’s awareness and acquisition of new customers. 

Services Provided

Website Design & Development


Visual Ads

Search Engine Optimization

Branding & Website Development

A consistent brand theme is essential to creating salience and strong associations with the brand and it’s offerings. With this in mind, we developed a logo and physical branding that is highly prominent and consistent across all digital touchpoints.

The website was developed using a custom hybrid approach, in order for it to excel in performance and loading speed. Beyond performance, the website also greatly focuses on providing an excellent user experience and facilitating conversions. 

Google Search Ads

Google Search ads are the key to gaining the most visibility for the brand among people who are looking for related services. With a highly comprehensive strategy and campaign design, we’re able to drive hundreds of users to the site at very low costs per click and conversion rates of over 25%. 

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Another key advertising channel that we utilize is social media ads, covering a wide variety of themes and product & service offerings. 

Social Media Video Ads

In order to maximize impact through social media ads, we ongoingly develop specific video ads for social ad placements, in both vertical and horizontal formats.

YouTube Ads

Additionally, we had commissioned a complete professional video shoo to produce high quality video ads. The video ads were developed in a number of styles and lengths to fit different formats.

Display Ads

The final advertising channel that we tap into is display ads, which allows us to place banner ads across thousands of different websites and apps. In order to maximize their impact, we use a combination of animated and responsive display ads.

With the combination of display ads and all of the other advertising channels, we’re able to effectively show offers and advertise the business to a significant proportion of the local population. 

Online Gift Certficates

In order to help the business tap into another revenue source, we developed a robust e-commerce solution to facilitate purchases of gift certificates. With this integration, the business is able to seamlessly sell their gift certificates online.

Online Booking Solution

We integrated an online booking system to make things easier both for the business and its prospective clients. Since implementing, online bookings have played a major role in how customers interact with the business and how new customers are generated.

Search Engine Optimization

The final component of our approach revolves around SEO. As a result of the high performing website and various other initiatives and integrations, we have successfully achieved strong first page positions for all of the most valuable high-volume keywords.

As a result, the website dominates all local competitors within its industry and yields the highest amount of traffic from organic search.

Highlights Of Results

With the combination of all initiatives, we’re able to generate a consistent stream of customers to the business, and achieve massive awareness across the local geographic region.

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