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Portfolio: Mississauga Car Detailing

A Little Background Info

Mississauga Car Detailing emerged as a fully digitally-oriented business. Having no previous brand affinity or customer base, the key to developing the business was centered around it’s online initiatives.

We built the business’s identity from the ground up, developing a brand that is highly appealing and a website that is highly functional with exceptional performance. Our online ad approaches were key to developing the brand’s awareness and acquisition of new customers. 


A consistent brand theme is essential to creating salience and strong associations with the brand and it's offerings. With this in mind, we aimed to ensure that the website's physical branding was consistent across all digital touch points.

Integrated Ad Messaging

As part of our approach, we developed a number of ad campaigns across different platforms using various types of messaging (promotions, awareness building, etc.) to position the detail shop in front of potential buyers in different stages of the customer journey.

E-Commerce Solution

In order to tap into another conversion channel, we developed a robust e-commerce solution to facilitate purchases of gift cards. This initiative also had the additional effect of improving website performance and user metrics - a key component of SEO.

Online Booking Solution

We proposed and integrated an online booking system to make things easier both for the business and it's prospective clients. Since implementing, online bookings have played a major role in how customers interact with the business and how new leads are generated.

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Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads

To create an automated funnel of interested leads and potential customers, we ran paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. This resulted in a consistent inflow of leads to the detail shop every single day.


The final component of our approach revolves around SEO. As a result of various initiatives and integrations, we successfully managed to achieve first positions for all of the most valuable high-volume keywords. As a result, the website dominates all local competitors within its category and yields the highest amount of traffic from organic search.

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