Portfolio: Virez Home Interiors

Upon deciding to retire and close their doors for good after 32 years in business, Virez Home Interiors were looking to promote their Retirement Sale and clear their remaining inventory.

With a store closing date already set, we only had a few months to launch and complete the campaign. Given the unique nature of the task, this was one of the most significant responsibilities that we have undertaken.

The strategy revolved around several essential approaches:

  • Showcasing the business’s products: One of the core advantages that Virez Home Interiors had was a robust selection of unique high quality products. Showing the products effectively was therefore essential to driving interest among consumers. To this aim, then, we had made several key decisions, such as choosing to use video ads as a key component of the campaign, and adjusting our approach to designing the ad landing page on the website, to have the greatest visual impact.
  • Highlighting the Retirement Sale effectively: The concept of the retirement sale in and of itself carries tremendous advantages, namely by creating a sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out). Understanding this, we had crafted our ad headlines and landing page copy meticulously to frame the message of the retirement sale as effectively as possible.
  • Selecting the proper marketing channels: Given the unique parameters around the campaign, we had to be very thoughtful and deliberate around choosing the right channels and formats. We had therefore utilized a combination of video, social, and search ads, to target different consumer groups across different points of the marketing funnel.

With these points as a general framework, we had set out to achieve the highest amount of foot traffic to the store as possible, in order to drive sales so that the business can clear their remaining inventory before their final closing date. 

Services Provided

Visual Ads


Social Media Ads

Social Media ads were one of the key focal points of the campaign, as they are among the most effective channels that focus around a visual medium, that also have massive reach. 

As a foundation, static graphics were developed to fit each major ad size format. Additionally carousels and videos were also utilized across social media ads.

Video Ads

In order to drive the most impactful message using a highly engaging visual medium, video ads were developed. We had commissioned a professional video shoot and coordinated the production and final edits.

To maximize effectiveness, several videos were developed across different specs and lengths, to be used across different channels and ad formats. 

Long Version Example

Short Version Example

Paid Search

Lastly, to target consumers who are in the market for related offerings, a PPC campaign was utilized as a supporting channel. The campaign targeted highly relevant keyword themes, and leveraged messaging around the retirement sale in the ad copy.

Highlights Of Results

Of Merchandise Sold Out
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Our combined initiatives generated a massive volume of foot traffic to the store, which helped Virez Home Interiors clear nearly all of their remaining inventory before their final closing date.