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Competitive Advantages For Sacramento Businesses

North American SEO Company

Our services are both based in and serve local and small businesses in the United States and Canada.

This means that nothing is ever outsourced to foreign countries.

A lot of digital marketing agencies have their work fulfilled by spammy search engine optimization suppliers from India, the Philippines, and many other Asain countries where they take advantage of labor arbitrage and pocket the difference.

This often leads to blackhat and greyhat SEO tactics, or simply work that is of very poor quality.

In the long run, the lack of quality truly shows as the rankings for your website are ultimately never achieved.


Boutique SEO Agency

We are a boutique Sacramento SEO agency that limits the amount of clients we work with.

We do this so that we can focus on the quality of results, rather than on getting the next sale.

We believe in running our business on mutual trust and respect; by doing so, our clients are able to trust us to get them results. And when the results come to clients, referrals naturally come to us.

In our opinion, this is the best way to do business.

Sacramento SEO Expert

We are a team of experts who have had past SEO positions at other digital marketing agencies.

With this, we understand the pain that most digital marketing clients have had with their past digital marketing partners.

This puts us in a unique position to be the SEO company that clients wish they partnered with the first time.

As well as with this experience comes years of expertise in our field.

Local Sacramento SEO services.

Google Search Marketing Specialists

This field so happens to be search engine optimization.

We are NOT a full-stack marketing agency, which means that we strictly focus on SEO all day, every day.

This makes us experts at our craft.

Instead of spreading ourselves thin over a plethora of different marketing channels, we instead focus exclusively on local search.


Jeremy Lawlor - Founder of Active Business Growth

No Cookie Cutter Solutions

Our approach to SEO comes in a 100% fully customized SEO strategy provided to each and every client.

We do not have a one size fits all solution for our customers.

Our strategies are carefully planned out based on the goals and current rankings of each client's specific website.

This custom approaches allows us to provide our clients with the strategy that gives their business the best chance of ranking for their target keywords.

The section below explains how our process works.

Why The 5-Star Feedback?

Why have we only ever recieved 5-star feedback for our SEO services? Take a look at our client reviews and see why!

From the very beginning of our consultation I could tell that ABG was different from the other SEO companies I had talked to. This group took a keen interest in actually understanding my business needs and provided a unique strategy to help improve traffic to my local storefront. They did not provide a simple one size fits all strategy that I was used to hearing from other companies and am extremely impressed with the level of support that is given. Overall Active Business Growth has helped grow my online presence in my local area even more than I was expecting, and I could not be more excited for what the future may hold for my business with their help.
Christopher P.
Very quick, knowledgable and great work!
Elizabeth M.
Couldn't recommend more! Jeremy and the Active Business Growth team really go out of their way to take care of your business and make sure it succeeds.Being a brick and mortar business owner with 2 different locations, their local SEO services were able to bring more foot traffic to BOTH of my storefronts and have helped me scale immensely!Active Business Growth is the real deal, and I'd choose them to be on my team any day of the week.
Martin B.
Active Business Growth is the best local SEO service I've ever tried. Over the years, I've been with many different marketing companies who promise the world but never deliver. But these guys are the COMPLETE opposite. They exceeded my organic SEO growth targets more than I thought was possible for the amount of time I've been with them so far! Highly recommend to anyone looking for top-notch local SEO services.
Chrystal B.
Jeremy is a great local SEO professional, who is up-front and honest about the work that he does and who is only willing to bring on work that he knows he can successfully execute.
Aaron A.
When you put passion, and perfection together you get a colossus entity. Active Business Growth has immensely boosted my revenue within weeks! The team is amazing- easy to get in contact with and undoubtedly reliable. Jeremy literally went above the top to help formulate an amazing business plan for my business all while increasing my advertisements. Without a doubt the best way to grow your business is through Active Business Growth. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself- guaranteed an increase in your business within weeks.
Nikki B.
The span of my experience was extremely well customer oriented. I had been having difficulties for some months now on a successful execution for a project our company was looking to launch. One of their associates Jeremy was more than helpful and willing to hear us out at lengths. Overall highly recommended.
Nick L.
As a new small business owner, I needed help in getting more exposure for my company. As a home renovations company, it's important for me to have a strong online presence. I had a website and advertisements on Kijiji, but I was not getting many inquiries. Jeremy helped me with this, and I was getting more and more calls for my services. Jeremy is a great person to work with, and very knowledgeable as well (who knew what an SEO was?). I highly recommend their services for any small business owners out there!
Jason T.
The amount of time and effort this company has spent on my small business is more than I could have ever hoped for and the results speak for themselves. An absolute pleasure to work with!
Chris P.
Great company. Very understanding and great customer services! Highly recommend for any business.
Zachary Ho T.
Fantastic customer service. They took my thoughts and concerns seriously and I never felt out of the loop. Would highly recommend.
Michael H.
The definition of 5 star service.
Deniz S.
In today's technology-dependent world having a successful prosperous business is strongly based on your online presence. Active Business Growth is nothing short of perfection for helping your business stand out from the competition. Their vast knowledge of SEO paired with there amazing customer service not only will give you the results you are looking for, but you will be able to actively see every step of growth your company/product takes on a monthly bases. Whether it be e-commerce or just general website awareness/online marketing theses are the guys to go to!
Marlin T.
They walk it like they talk it. Best results we’ve gotten from any digital marketing service. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for more customers online. Unreal
Andrew B.
Excellent customer service!
Samantha S.
Amazing service! Got amazing results!! Would definitely recommend to other business owners
Rosalia I.
Great company culture and amazing service. Been to many services similar to this and this one is by far the most comprehensive and effective, they kept their promise and exceeded my organic growth target. Would recommend for companies of any size. Message me if you want more information and insight on my experiences!!
Justin L.

How Sacramento SEO Works

An SEO audit of a website.

Local Search Audit

The first thing we do for your business's SEO in Sacramento is we fully audit your website.

We do this for free.

This is to show you everything that can be improved with your website's search engine strategy and how to fix it.

SEO action plan and Google reviews.

Competitor Analysis

Next, we perform competitive analysis on your specific industry and direct competition.

This is to see how difficult it is to rank within your niche, as well as to take advantage of weaknesses in your competitors' SEO approach.

By doing this, we are able to make educated decisions on how to form a strategy to outrank your competitors in Google search.

Best digital marketing agency.

Keyword research and competitor analysis.

Keyword Analysis

Based on our competitor analysis, we then find the keywords that we believe your site has a good chance of ranking for that will drive a high volume of traffic to your website.

We then provide you with a 12 month action plan - for free - of how we can go about ranking your business based on all of our above findings.

SEO strategy to rank a website.

Improve Weaknesses And Capitalize On Strengths

After everything is discussed and our search engine optimization strategy is finalized, we then go to work executing our outlined plan.

This will involve improving all of the weak spots in your website's SEO as well as further strengthening its strong points.

Over time, these changes will start pushing your website to the top of Google for your chosen keywords.

Testing and tweaking and A/B testing an SEO campaign.

Ongoing Iterations Of SEO Strategy

Throughout the longevity of this action plan, we will monitor your rankings on an ongoing basis.

By doing this, we will understand what is working and what is not working for your website.

We then make changes to ensure progress is being made.

At the end of the campaign, the goal is to have your website ranked on the first page of Google for all of your SEO Sacramento keywords.


Local SEO Services For Businesses In California's Capital

Our Service Locations

Sacramento SEO services includes the following locations:

  • North Natomas
  • South Natomas
  • Midtown
  • Downtown
  • Parkway-South
  • Meadowview
  • Pocket
  • Riverview
  • Freeport
  • Rosemont
  • Arden-Arcade
  • North Highlands
  • Elk Grove
  • Beatrice
  • Gardenland
  • Land Park
  • North Oak Park
  • Boulevard Park
  • Valley View Acres
  • New Era Park
  • Tahoe Park
  • Elmhurst
  • Del Pas Heights
  • Colonial Heights

Our search engine optimization services are for all areas in this great, California city!

Click here for a free SEO audit!