Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) describes the tactics used to improve a website's organic visibility in search engines such as Google.

SEO does not include paid ads.

Showing Up High On Google Search Can Be Your Business’s Greatest Asset
Search is the most common way that consumers find local products / services
Most users searching are active and ready to buy
Search Engine Ranking can be one of the most cost efficient marketing channels
87% of internet users have used a search engine [ie. Google] to find local products / services in the past month
Source: eMarketer, LSA, 2017

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Everyone talks about "getting to the first page of Google"

But how do you actually improve a website's search visibility? [In 2020]

Website Content

This includes all of the text, images and pages on your website.

The traditional method was to include your keywords (the phrases you want to show up for) everywhere across your website. So if you're a landscaper in Boston, you would have the phrase "Landscaper Boston" all over the text and headings across your website.

This is not the best way to do it anymore.

  • Spamming your website with keywords can negatively affect how consumer perceive your business. It's key to consider your brand messaging, and to have content that sounds natural and genuine.
  • Search Engines consider "keyword to text ratios" - meaning how many times a phrase is repeated on a page. If you keep repeating the same words / phrases over and over, it'll be seen as spam, and can actually harm your search rankings.
  • One of the important factors for SEO is user engagement / website performance. If your website visitors see the same phrases repeated over and over, they are more likely to leave the page thinking there is nothing of value there - which negatively affects your rankings.

What is the best way to do it properly?

1Long-form text: Have long-form text (over 700 words) across your key pages. Include your keywords within the text, but maintain a sustainable keyword-text ratio. Write text content that's purposeful, and aligns with your brand identity. Make use of "latent-semantic-indexing" (LSI) keywords to rank across a wider range of phrases.
2High depth of pages: It's best to have a dedicated page for each of the services you offer / phrases you want to show up for. For example, if you're a dentist, you will want to have a separate page for each individual service (ex. teeth cleaning, implants, etc.). Each page should have a high amount of text content and make proper use of heading tags to organize each section.
3Styling / images: How a website appears visually significantly influences user experience metrics (discussed in section 4 - User Experience). More than just having the right text on the page, it's important to analyze and improve how visitors engage with the website, to boost your keyword rankings. A reliable way to improve the styling of a page is to use proper images, spacing, and sizing.
4Producing content regularly: It is important to regularly add new content to your website, such as blog posts, articles, etc. These posts should be well written, focus on keyword areas, and align with your brand theme.

Why We're Your Best Choice To Do Your SEO

Based on the core 4 areas required to do SEO properly.
Website Content

We are well versed in conducting keyword / content research to discover the best topics to write about and which phrases should be included within your content - for your specific business, industry, and locality. Our background in consumer behavior & psychology also helps us write text that is compelling and leads to appropriate desired actions on your website.

Website Code

We are proficient in HTML & CSS and have extensive backgrounds working with various website Content Management Systems (CMS's) including Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, Joomla, Weebly, and Shopifys. We stay up to date in understanding the best practices for mobile specifications, pagespeed optimization, and integrating advanced Structured Data coding.

External Linking

We have a wide resource of directory site and content sharing partners, to attain strong external links for your site. We know how to leverage the core concepts of external linking, using Domain Authority (DA) measurement, and getting links from websites with high DA / PA and high trust & citation flows.

User Experience

Optimizing a website's User Experience metrics begins with doing a deep analysis of website analytics data. We are advanced in data analysis and in finding gaps and opportunities to boost a website's performance. Our additional backgrounds in graphics & design also help us reconfigure pages to be as visually appealing as possible.

Our Approach to building your SEO strategy

Assess where you rank on Google & what searches drive the most consumer website traffic in your industry
Provide a summary of all of the keywords you’re currently ranking for on Google and which position you’re in
Do a thorough analysis of which keywords drive the most views & clicks in your industry and business sector
2Identify your top competitors on Google and assess why they're showing up first
Perform a complete audit of your competitors' SEO strategies, which includes their site content, site links, code structure, and much more
Identify areas where your competitors are underperforming in order to rank above them
3Develop a custom growth action plan, showing you step by step EXACTLY how we’ll:
  • a Take advantage of weaknesses in your competitors' SEO strategies
  • b Implement your unique SEO strategy that will knock them off the first page of Google and put your business in their place
  • c Identify keyword opportunities that generate more leads, sales, and growth for your business

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Doing SEO the ABG Way

Strict Oversight
and Quality Control

ABG's head directors personally oversee and execute every campaign. That way, no accounts ever get neglected, mismanaged, or mishandled.

Regular Updates and

We provide a detailed overview of what we propose to do every next month and report on progress in search rankings and conversions from the previous month.

Open and Easy

We'll get on the phone or meet in person (in the Greater Toronto Area) to address any questions or concerns you may have. We also respond to e-mails promptly, and strive to be as clear, concise, and transparent as possible.

No BS or False

Delivering exceptional results and maintaining our reputation is everything. That's why we set clear and realistic expectations, and only recommend strategies that are most effective and efficient for your business.

More Than Just Google Rankings

  • A Solid Strategic Partnership

    We have backgrounds working for big global brands developing branding and growth strategies. We apply all this knowledge for our clients and enjoy helping improve their business’s overall presentation and marketing strategy.

  • Helping You Provide Additional Value To Consumers

    Our SEO strategies involve developing content (such as blogs, articles, informational pieces). This ultimately provides your website users additional value and information, which has been shown to increase the chances that they will choose your business over others.

  • Helping You With Additional Requests

    We will be your digital marketing partners – and as partners do, we are happy to help with additional things you may need – such as adding stuff to your website, creating graphics, providing advice on social media strategies, and more.

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