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Local roofing SEO services.

What Is Roofing SEO?

Search engine optimization is the act of making changes to your website and online presence in order to ensure you appear high in search engine result pages (SERPs) for queries related to your business.

In terms of roofing websites, this would mean that your website would be optimized so that when a high-intent user searches a query relevant to your business, you show up.

An example of this would be a user types in any one of the following terms into Google: “best roofing company”, “cheap roofing company”, “roofing contractor near me”, etc.

If you hired a roofing SEO agency to optimize your website so that you are the first company that shows up in Google when someone searches any of the above terms, you will likely see a lot of new roofing leads and generate a lot of new roofing sales because of it.

Why Do I Need SEO For My Roofing Company?

Implementing an SEO campaign for your roofing business can be one of the best business decisions you ever make.

The reason for this is that if successful, your roofing website could potentially be shown in front of hundreds, if not thousands of high-intent customers each and every month.

This is because every term that is searched into Google has a certain amount of “search volume” every single month.

Meaning, a term like “roofing company for hurricane damage” could generate 140 searchers every single month.

And a term like “roof repair” could generate 720 searchers per month.

Or a term like “top roofing company” could generate 580 searches per month.

As you can see, the search volume adds up quickly.

It can up to a few thousand searchers pretty quickly.

And if it does – will your website be there for these searchers to discover?

How Roofing Companies Benefit From SEO

Roofing companies can benefit from SEO in many ways.

Let’s find out why SEO for roofers can be one of the greatest online marketing strategies for your business

Be Seen By Thousands Of Potential Customers

As illustrated above, you can potentially become visible to thousands of new customers each and every month.

And if you’re shown to this many new eyeballs every month, what percentage of these people do you think will convert into a sale?

If you partner with the right SEO company and they are able to get you in front of this many people, we are quite confident to say that you will likely make quite a few sales from this.

Free Organic Clicks

Did we mention that these roofing leads are free?

That’s right – every single click that your roofing website receives from organic search does not cost you even a single penny!

This is much different than PPC or Google Adwords, where you have to pay-per-click.

Pay per every click that goes to your website.

But with SEO, you can generate an unlimited number of clicks at absolutely no cost to you!

Receive Roofing Leads on Autopilot

Another great benefit of SEO for roofers is that this is an automated lead generation strategy.

Meaning, once you hire an SEO agency, you can leave them to do their work and let the campaign run in the background so that you can focus on what’s important – delivering great results for your clients.

While you’re delivering your work and dealing with sheathing, dormers, eaves, fascia, louvers, penetrations, rafters and more – the leads will still be coming in on an automated basis.

Longterm Strategy To Generate Roofing Sales

Perhaps one of the reasons why SEO is such a popular digital marketing strategy is because it is made for the longterm.

The more you work on your website, the stronger it gets over time.

And the stronger it gets over time, the more roofing keywords you will be able to rank for.

Thus, the more roofing leads and sales you will be able to generate.

Search engine optimization for roofing companies.

What ROI Should I Expect From A Roofing Marketing Campaign?

The return on investment you receive from a digital marketing campaign for roofers is highly dependent on the SEO company you partner with.

As with any industry, there are companies that can deliver, and companies that promise they can – but can’t.

However, assuming that you do partner with the best SEO agency that is reputable, knowledgeable, and experienced in the roofing industry, you can expect a heavy ROI on your SEO campaign.

This is because you do not need a lot of sales in order to generate an ROI.

Roofing is very expensive relative to most other services.

And this is the beautiful thing about engaging in an SEO campaign – if your campaign is a success, you can see a MASSIVE ROI from it.

Imagine you were able to generate even only 1 extra lead per day from SEO, which would be an extra 30 high-quality leads each and every month.

What would this do for your business?

Or if you had an extra 2 per day… 3 per day…

The potential ROI on a campaign like this can be huge!

How Do We Track Our Success? What Are Our Marketing KPIs?

In order to find out our ROI over time, we need to understand how to track our campaign to ensure we are meeting our targets.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Below are just some of the KPIs we track in order to ensure a successful campaign.


We track the number of calls you receive each week and each month of your campaign.

This way, we can understand if they are increasing over time.


This is the same idea as the calls.

We want to ensure we are able to attribute our campaign to a higher number of leads, and of course, emails are a great form of leads.

Opt-in Forms

Having opt-in forms on your roofing website is essential to gather more information about your interested potential customers.

Here, we can ask questions and qualify them before we ever actually speak with them.

This is a very powerful lead generation tactic.


The above 3 KPIs of calls, emails, and opt-in form submissions all add up to the number of leads you receive to your roofing company each and every month.

The more leads we are able to generate your business, the more sales you will likely receive.


This is the ultimate KPI.

Tallying up our sales for the month and comparing it to the amount you are paying for roofing SEO services each and every month.

As your SEO campaign matures, your monthly price will stay the same, but the sales you generate from it will continue to increase, thus increasing your ROI over time.

Tracking Our Marketing Campaign For Roofers

Here are the two most important tracking tools we use in order to be able to track our KPIs from above.

Google Analytics

We can set goals and parameters in Google Analytics to track all 5 of the listed KPIs above.

We can also track valuable information about our website visitors such as where they’re from, how old they are, how they discovered our website, what pages they visited, how long they were on our website, etc.

We are able to make informed decisions based on this traffic data.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is very similar to Google Analytics, except that Google Search Console is more directly related to gathering information about the actual searches that lead to impressions for your website.

It can tell you the exact keywords that your website appeared for, the number of impressions each keyword received, and the number of clicks each keyword received as well.

This is invaluable information as we can use it to improve your website’s roofing SEO performance.

Residential and commercial roofer marketing.

How Long Does Roofing SEO Take?

This is again a highly variable question.

There are many, many factors that affect how fast a website will rank for a particular roofing keyword.

However, most of these factors can be boiled down into the two variables listed below.

Level Of Competition

The level of competition in your city and in the keywords you want to rank for will affect how fast you will be able to rank your roofing company in Google.

If you are in an extremely competitive city such as New York, it could take your website much longer to rank than if you were trying to rank your website in a small town in a rural area.

Same goes for the keywords, too.

If you’re trying to rank for a term such as “roofing”, this will take you much, much longer than trying to rank for a longtail key term such as “new sheathing for house”.

Current Website Metrics

Remember how we said that the longer you work on your roofing SOE campaign, the more keywords you will rank for over time?

This is because with SEO, you are trying to make your website metrics stronger.

This includes your domain authority, the number of quality roofing backlinks, dwell time, etc.

If you are starting with poor metrics, it will take time for you to rank as you improve these metrics.

But if you’re starting from a good foundation, you will be able to rank much faster.

All else being equal, however, it is the general sentiment in the roofing industry that it will take about 6-12 months to see good, solid rankings for your target roofing keywords.

SEO keywords For Roofers

There are plenty of keywords you can use that are related to roofing and roofers such as :

Deck, sheathing, dormer, drip edge, eave, vapor retarder, valley, truss, square, slope, ridge, rake, rafters, fascia, felt, underlayment, fire rating, flashing, penetrations, louvers, and so on.

There are also plenty of different approaches you can take with your keyword research and targeting process as well.

Seed Keywords

You can choose to simply target seed keywords such as “roofers”, “roofing”, “roofing company”, etc.

However, these keywords are typically the most difficult to rank for.

Longtail Keywords

Longtail keywords are key phrases that are built from your seed keywords.

Examples of these types of keywords are “best roofers for dormers”, “roofing company with specialty sheathing”, or “cheap roofing for my new home”.

These are easier to rank for as they are less competitive than the seed keywords.

Local Keywords

Local keywords are keywords that include a searcher’s locality in some way, shape or form.

These include “best roofer in my area”, “roofer near me”, “roofer in Dallas”, etc.

Targeting these types of keywords can be great for your business, as you will have local customers finding your website through searching these types of terms.

Service Keywords

These types of keywords identifying a service that a searcher is looking for.

Examples here could be “roofer to replace sheathing”, “roof deck installation”, etc.

A house built by a roofing contractor.

Types Of Roofing SEO Campaigns

There are generally two types of campaigns you can choose to implement based on your business goals.

Local SEO For Roofers

This type of marketing campaign is to ensure you show up for your target local keywords.

Some of the strategies to help you achieve this include the following:

Google My Business

A Google My Business Profile is the profile on your business that shows up in Google Maps for local searches.

Creating a Google My Business account and accumulating reviews, adding pictures, etc. should be a top priority for your local roofing SEO campaign.

Local Landing Pages

If you are looking to show up in more than one city or service location, it is a best practice to create different location landing pages for each area you want to cover.

Local NAP Citations

Ensuring your NAP (name, address, and phone number) appear on multiple different sites is imperative to SEO rankings.

Google wants to see that you are who you say you are, and are located where you claim to be located.

To do this, collecting local NAP citations is a must for your local campaign.

Directory Listings

To help establish your NAP, getting listed on various directories is a great way to do so.

Being listed on directory sites like Yelp, Yellowpages, 411, and so on should be part of your local SEO foundation.

National SEO For Roofers

On the other hand, if you would like to rank across the entire nation, a national SEO campaign would be the right choice for you.

High Domain Authority

With national SEO for a roofing company, one of the most important aspects is your domain authority.

Your goal should be to raise this as high as possible so that you have a good chance of ranking above all of your national competitors.

Seed Keywords

Over time, you should also focus on ranking for seed keywords.

If you truly want to be an authority in the roofing industry, trying to rank for keywords such as “roofing company”, “best roofers”, etc. should be a top priority for the long term.

Longtail Blog Posts

The more targeted traffic you get to your website, the better.

Creating blogs posts aimed at longtail keywords will allow you to rank initially at the beginning.

As your domain authority rises, you can then focus on ranking for general and seed keywords.

The national SEO campaign is mostly for large roofing corporations.

If you’re a local roofing company in a designated service area, it is recommended that you stick to a local SEO campaign.

Onsite SEO For Roofing Contractors

Once you have decided on the roofing keywords you’d like to target, it’s now time to implement an onsite SEO strategy to rank for them.

Below is a list of onsite SEO factors and best practices for roofing websites.


You must keep in mind the keywords you intend to target during all of your onsite optimizations.

If you don’t properly include them on your website, Google will have a difficult time trying to understand what terms you are trying to rank for.

Location Pages

Create separate location pages based on the individual service areas you want to target.

Separating these out will allow you to better target each location.

Service Pages

You should also create separate service pages for each target service.

This will help individually target each term.


Adding local business schema is an advanced SEO best practice that most local businesses simply do not do.

Therefore by doing so, you will have better onsite optimization in this regard.


Images are important when it comes to SEO because there are many ways in which you can optimize them.

File Name

Adding your target and LSI keywords to your image file names is an opportunity you want to take advantage of.


Google’s crawlers cannot actually look at an image and understand what it is.

This is what alt-text is for.

Be sure to add your target and LSI key phrases to your image al-text.

Image Size

Sometimes, the size of your images negatively affects the speed of your site.

By compressing them before you upload them, this will help solve this problem.


Website loading speed is a major ranking factor.

Ensuring your website is as fast as possible is paramount to your SEO for roofers strategy.


Adding blog posts on a consistent basis will help to add more roofing keywords and relevant content to your website.

This contextual content will help Google better identify your website and the industry you are in.


Google likes to see multimedia included on pages.

Be sure to add both images and videos to your website, such as this video of how to install shingles:

Offsite SEO For Roofing Contractors

Then there is the offsite portion you need to implement for your roofing SEO strategy.

Let’s discuss examples of what to do.

Roofing Backlinks

Link building is the backbone of offsite SEO.

By building backlinks from both relevant and authoritative roofing websites, you will be able to raise the metrics of your own website, thus allowing you to rank higher for your target terms.

Relevant Roofing Websites

It is important that you build links on relevant websites.

This is because it will show Google that you are in a similar industry, thus telling the search engine that you are relevant to be shown for similar roofing industry searches.

Authoritative Roofing Websites

By getting links from authoritative websites, it will in turn raise the authority of your own website.

The more you do this, the higher your authority will be, thus the higher you will be able to rank for key roofing terms.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the process of reaching out to similar websites and providing content for them to post that ultimately links back to your website.

Valuable Roofing Content

Other roofing websites will only accept content if it is valuable to their readers.

Therefore, you must make sure that the post you are trying to push live on their website isn’t spammy, and will help their readers in some way.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is the text of the link that points back to your website.

Make sure that this anchor text is relevant to one of your roofing keywords.

By doing so, Google will understand that the page the link is pointing to has to do with one of your target keywords.

This will help rank the target page for this target keyword.

Local Websites

For a local campaign, getting backlinks to your roofing website from other local sites will help establish your roofing company’s location.

By doing so, you will be able to show up high for relevant local searches.

Digital marketing for roofers.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) For Roofing Websites

There is no point on getting traffic to your website if you can’t convert this traffic into leads.

That’s where conversion rate optimization comes it.

It will help you convert as many website visitors as possible into roofing leads.


These are buttons, forms, or directions that entice a visitor to give up information, while at the same time converting them into a lead.

Receive Valuable Information From An Interested Roofing Lead

This is usually an email address, phone number or some sort of information that will allow you to follow up with visitor.

Discounts, Offer, Or Incentive

A visitor will be happy to provide you with this information if you incentivize them enough to do so.

This could be from a discount or promotion for your roofing services.

Contact Information

You must ensure that there is enough contact information on your website so that a visitor knows how to get in touch with you.

Phone Number

This is mandatory.

If a roofing lead wants to discuss with you right now, it is imperative you provide your phone number to do so.


This is also mandatory.

Some people don’t like talking on the phone, so including your email is a must.

Social Media Buttons

Linking to your social media pages is important so that website visitors can learn more about your roofing company and brand.

Pictures Of Team And Roofing Company

This helps reinforce your brand and show that you are real people.

Roofing Certifications

This showcases your expertise and years of experience.

Customers want to work with the best of the best – show them that this is you.

Customer Testimonials

Social proof that you have done good work.

It makes contacting you and becoming a lead easier.

Reviews From Happy Clients

Another way to establish social proof.

Positive reviews from past projects prove that you know what you’re doing.

Case Studies And Examples Of Work

Show visitors what you have done.

This will give them a better sense of how good you really are at your work.

SEO For Roofers – Hire Active Business Growth Today

There is much, much more that goes into a roofing SEO campaign.

If you would like the best of the best to walk you through the best possible SEO strategy for your roofing company, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We would be happy to help you generate more leads, calls, and sales with roofing SEO!

We also provide SEO for landscapers, SEO for HVAC contractors, and orthodontic SEO services as well.

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