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Google Search Ads, also known as “PPC ads”, “Paid Search”, or “Search Ads”, are the most effective way of getting maximal visibility for your business when people are searching for specific products or services.

Acquire Customers Who Are Ready To Buy

With Search Ads, your business can be one of the first businesses people see when they are searching for a specific product or service.

Measurable Results

You could see exactly how many leads your campaigns are getting (phone calls, contact forms, appointments, etc.), in order to precisely measure the return you’re getting from your ads.

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An Overview Of What's Covered

Campaign Setup

Getting a Paid Search campaign to be successful starts at the very beginning, with proper setup.

By selecting target locations, your ads will only show to people in specific geographic areas.

Keywords are the words or phrases that your ad will show up for when searched by people in your target location.

Choosing the right keywords is one of the most essential steps in setting up a successful campaign.

Conversions are actions that are taken on your website or ads. Some of the common ones are:

  • A person clicks on the phone number on your ad
  • A person submits a form on your website
  • A person visits your contact page or requests directions on your site

In other words, conversions are the successful outcomes that you want to achieve.

For the google ads system to know what a conversion / successful outcome is, conversion goals need to be set up. 

Setting up conversion goals is absolutely necessary to run a successful Paid Search campaign. Period.

Why is that? Two main reasons:

  1. Conversion goals is how you measure actual results: Getting clicks from your ads doesn’t tell you much. But seeing that the ads are resulting in conversions (i.e. people calling your business, submitting contact forms) is how you can tell whether your ads are actually delivering results.
  2. Conversion goals are necessary for automated bidding: By creating conversion goals, you are giving the Google ads platform information about when your ads are achieving successful outcomes. The advanced machine learning system can then piece together what factors led to these outcomes (such as what time & day the person searched, what exactly did they search, who is the person that searched – what is their age, exact location, etc.).

    It can then take this complex information and show ads in situations that resemble these factors. In the end, it is a highly sophisticated process that helps get more results & outcomes for your budget.

Creation Of Exceptional Ads

Ads need to be meticulously crafted to draw people in so that they click on your ad and visit your website. 

Headlines and descriptions make up most of the text in your ads. Getting this part right is partly art and partly science.

It is absolutely important to write text that will attract peoples’ interests in your products or services – such as by highlighting your competitive advantage, reviews, testimonials, etc.

However, the other side is the technical aspect. There are specific criteria that the Google ads system looks for, that actually determines how much visibility your ads get and how much you pay per click.

So, beyond just writing text that is highly persuasive or appealing, it’s essential to write it in a way that aligns with technical specifications.

Ad extensions are the additional components that you can add to ads, on top of the basic headlines and descriptions. 

  • Sitelink extensions: Adding additional links to other sections of your site directly in your ad.
  • Image Extensions: Including images next to your ad, particularly on mobile devices.
  • Promotion Extensions: Adding a section that highlights upcoming sales / promotions, such as Black Friday.
  • Price Extensions: Showing products / services and their prices directly in the ad.
  • Phone Extensions: Adding your phone number in the ad, that people can click on when using mobile devices, to call your business directly.

Using these extensions deliberately and strategically is the key to getting your ads to stand out among competitors, and to draw greater interest to your business.

Providing an Excellent Website Experience

When someone clicks on your ad, they are directed to your website. It is here where customers ultimately decide whether to choose your business or to go back and keep looking.

It is absolutely critical to the success of your ad campaigns to optimize your website and landing pages to their maximal potential.

Brand positioning is how you present your brand / business in the minds of consumers. It essentially asks and answers the question, “why should someone choose your business vs. your competitors?”

Some of the common ways to position a business include:

  • Experience: “Satisfying customers for over 20 years”
  • Price: “Offering the lowest price guaranteed”
  • Convenience: “Schedule appointment online”

However you position your business, it is critical to highlight and integrate these aspects into your website, to maximize the chance that visitors will end up becoming customers.

In today’s day and age, people want to find things easily and find them fast.

To help facilitate that, your website needs to be up to par – both from a design perspective and technical aspects.

Some of the most important things to consider include:

  • Page loading speed
  • Ease of navigating around the site
  • Using images that are appealing and relevant
  • Formatting text in a way that is easy to read
  • Organizing information in a logical and intuitive way

These are just some of the things to consider. But the main point is, if your site is difficult to use or provides a poor experience, then people will get frustrated and will be more likely to leave.

Directing Customers To Take Action

Someone clicking on your ad and going to your website doesn’t result in a sale. The final part is that the person needs to take a next step – whether that is contacting your business, calling, or visiting in person.

First, it’s important to think through what are the next steps that you want prospective customers to take.

Is the goal to have them call you? Do you begin customer interactions by providing a free quote?

Once you know that, the key is to be explicit and direct them to this goal. This can be done by adding sections / callouts to the site such as “call now” or “request a free quote”, for example.

When you know what actions you want people to take, the goal then is to make it easy for them to take these actions.

For example:

  • If your goal is to get people to visit your physical storefront, then add sections with a map and a “get directions” button.
  • If your goal is to get people to call you, add call buttons that people can click on when they’re viewing your site on mobile devices, so they don’t have to write down or copy & paste your number.

The idea here is that: if you make it easy and intuitive for people to take a desired action, then they’re more likely to do it.

Beyond The Advertisement

When it comes to achieving results with Paid Search ads, your website / landing page is just as important as the actual ads.

That’s why with every campaign, new page creation / website modifications come included.

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