Online Visual Ads

Visual Ads is a term that we use to refer to advertising platforms & formats where visuals (graphics, images, and videos) are a central component.

The types of ads that we focus on are:

Display Ads

Display ads, traditionally referred to as banner ads, are visual ads that appear on other websites and apps. Display ads allow you to put ads in front of customers no matter where they are on the internet – which is great for targeting those who don’t use social media.

Display ads are excellent when combined with more advanced methods such as remarketing, which allows you to show ads to people who have previously been on your business’s website.

Target audiences across the entire internet

Possibility to create animated ads, to maximize impact

Show ads on specific websites or apps

Target audiences based on what they're actively searching to purchase

Facebook Ads

Facebook continues to be the leading social media platform in size and range of its target audience. It is also the primary social media platform used by adults 45+ – a highly valuable target group for many businesses.

Advertising on Facebook is highly flexible, with various different formats available – such as image ads, carousels, video ads, and more.

Largest audience across all social media platforms

Prompt users to engage with your business on Messenger

Wide range of ad formats and placements

Target audiences based on demographics and interests

Instagram Ads

Instagram is one of the primary platforms where users discover new products and services. Instagram has a highly engaged audience, which is also great for building a loyal following.

Instagram ads offer the same flexibility as Facebook – with various different ad placements such as standard image ads, video ads, and stories.

Highly engaged audience with shopping interests

Great for products and services with a strong visual component

Video Ads

Video ads are one of the most impactful advertising methods, allowing you to deliver a strong message to a wide captivated audience.

Online video advertising is the modern version of TV advertising, with so many additional benefits. You can make it so that your ads only show in a specific geographic region and to specific audiences. You can also set any budget, making it much easier for small & medium sized businesses to get into than TV ads.

Video is a very high-impact visual medium

Wide range of targeting options available

Place ads on specific channels and content types

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Reaching Your Target Customer

The key to getting the best results with ads is by showing your ads to consumers who are most relevant to your business and most likely to purchase what you offer. 

This is referred to as targeting.

Geographical Targeting

Show your ads only to people who live in the geographic area that your business serves & operates in.

Demographic Targeting

Ads can be shown to specific demographic groups, based on age, gender, parental status, and more.

Targeting By Interests & Activities

Targeting people based on what their interests, hobbies, and activities is an excellent way to reach those who might be most interested in what your business offers. 

Targeting By Purchase Intent

Google Display Ads and YouTube ads can be taken a step further, by allowing you to show ads to people who are currently researching or shopping for the exact products or services that your business offers. 

Advanced Targeting

The most advanced forms include “retargeting” (showing ads to people who have been on your site before) and “lookalike audiences” (using highly complex artificial intelligence). These are typically used in the most comprehensive strategies.

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