Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website in a way that allows it show up higher at top of organic search engine results, such as Google or Bing.

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What Is Search Engine Optimization?
Getting A Website To Appear At The Top Of Search Results

SEO focuses on improving a website’s visibility in organic (“free”) search results and does not include paid search ads such as Google PPC Ads.

It includes both the organic search and map listings.

  • 87% of internet users have used a search engine to find local products and services in the past month

  • Most users searching for a local business are active and ready to buy

  • SEO can be one of the most cost efficient marketing channels

The Goal
Making Your Local Business Visible When People Search For Products And Services You Offer

The main goal is to get your website to appear when potential customers search for words related to your products and services.

For example: if you’re a dentist in Toronto, you want your website to show up for keyword phrases such as “dentist toronto”, “teeth cleaning”, “porcelain crowns”, and many more.

How It's Done
The 5 Essentials of Local SEO

Local SEO is a combination of art and science. In the simplest explanation, the goal of Google’s search engine is to show the most relevant and high quality websites to their users when they search for a specific phrase or keyword. It uses a machine algorithm that looks at hundreds of individual factors to identify which websites are best to show for any given search.

The goal of local SEO is to optimize and improve your business website so that it includes all of these factors that the search engine looks for, so that the website is ultimately selected as one of the best websites to show for specific search results.

See our full guide to get a deeper understanding of why and how some websites appear above others in search results, and how to improve your local business’s search positions.

The Value Of SEO

Organic search can bring hundreds or even thousands of potential customers to your business. The better your website’s ranking position for a specific keyword, the more visibility and traffic you’ll get from it.

Take the following example: with just these 3 keywords, this business gets 212 monthly users to their website. Assuming that just 10% of those visitors actually become customers, that is a total of 21 new customers in a month, from just 3 keywords.

This is just one example. The more robust and creative the strategy, the more potential users and customers you can get from organic search. 

Keyword Total Monthly Search Volume Website's Ranking Position Average Monthly Traffic
plumber ottawa
emergency plumber ottawa
sump pump installation

Create A Free And Instant Website Analysis Report

Our Website Analysis tool will analyze your website for all of the main components of Local SEO.

The report will be generated instantly in about 30 seconds. You can also download a PDF copy for future reference.

SEO For Local Businesses

Our Approach​
How We Do It

SEO involves a highly sophisticated process, requiring a comprehensive analysis of your website & your competitors’ websites, keyword analysis, and acute planning. Generally speaking, however, the process looks like the following:

Step 1: Complete Website Assessment
We begin by doing a thorough assessment of your current website. We use best-in-class SEO tools to analyze all of your website’s technical components (code structure, meta tags, page loading speed, mobile optimization, broken links, etc.). We also use our tools to identify all of the keywords your website currently shows up for and to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ websites.
Step 2: Keyword Research & Strategy
We then conduct keyword research to identify which search phrases we will target and improve your website’s positions for. After selecting our target keywords/search phrases, we then develop a comprehensive strategy to outline how we’ll improve the website’s position for these search terms. Our strategies typically involve a combination of:
  1. Developing new website content and adding keyword-relevant information to specific pages
  2. Improving the website’s functionality and user experience
  3. Improving the website’s “domain authority” and other metrics using backlinks, citations, and more
For more information on how this is done, see our SEO Guide For Local Businesses above.
Step 3: Setup & Implement
After we 1) have a full understanding of the current state of your website; 2) have identified which keywords we want to improve positions for; 3) have a strategy outlined on how we’ll do it – we go ahead and implement. First we set up keyword tracking, analytics, and heatmap tools in order to track progress and website performance. We then start our optimization process, where we optimize every component of the website and execute each part of our outlined strategy.
17. Analytics

Analytics & Search Console

Used to monitor & analyze website visitors (who they are & where they're coming from) and the number of clicks your website is receiving from Google search.

Keyword Tracking

Used to track the improvement of keyword positions that your website currently ranks for.

HeatmapsCreated with Sketch.

Heatmap Setup

Used to understand user interaction by seeing where users are clicking and viewing different sections of your website.

Website Design Improvements

Website design improvements are made to improve user behavior metrics.

Website Content Additions

Content is at the core of developing a website's relevance with specific keywords.

linkCreated with Sketch.

Quality Link Building

Links serve to increase the websites Domain Authority (DA), to improve overall ranking ability.

From Idea To Execution​
Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is "not always". For example: if you're a small independent insurance broker in the financial district of a big city, the chances that you'll get visibility on the first page of your local search results is very small.


In these types of cases, there are still other opportunities and alternative routes that can be taken. For example: rather than trying to show up for the big major keywords (i.e. "Insurance Broker Toronto"), you can try to aim for a large set of smaller, less competitive keywords (i.e. "What is the average car insurance rate in midtown Toronto"). This is what is called a long-tail keyword strategy.


If you're unsure about whether SEO would benefit your business, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will gladly conduct a manual SEO analysis of your website and provide a breakdown of which types of SEO approaches are available for your business.

Measurement and performance tracking is a central component of our approach.


There are 3 essential metrics that we measure:


Keyword Tracking: At the start of each campaign, we select a set of keywords that we will be directly targeting. We ongoingly measure what position your website ranks for these specific keywords and measure how they have improved each month. 


Organic Search Volume: This refers to how many monthly visitors your website is receiving from Google. At the start of each campaign, we take a benchmark measurement and track this number every month.


Volume of ranked keywords: Our advanced keyword tracking tools allow us to see how many total keywords your website shows up for. Each month we monitor this number and assess how many additional new keywords your website is receiving traffic and visibility from.

These 3 measures are included in our detailed monthly reports - which will allow you to see how your website's organic search visibility is improving. 



SEO is an ongoing process, where every month we develop new additions and continually optimize website elements and components, while measuring the effects.


How we do things differently than other companies is that we generally complete all of the core website optimizations in the first two months. This typically gives websites a strong overall boost in organic search performance. 


We also don't have any fixed contract terms or cancellation fees, so you have the option just to do the essential optimizations over just two months. However, if you want a fully engaged and comprehensive SEO execution, we recommend doing at least a 6 month campaign.




Costs vary across three main factors:


  • How many keyword areas you want to target. That is, how many lines of product and service categories you want to improve keyword rankings for.


  • How competitive your local business landscape is. Some industries and geographic locations have many business competing for top search positions, which requires a much more aggressive and comprehensive approach.


  • How many business locations you have and how many geographic locations you want to show up in.

Because of how widely each campaign can differ in it's scope, it's hard to put a general cost amount. The best way to get a more detailed idea is to request a free quote from our contact form below. 

Active Business Growth is a small boutique agency operated by our two founders. We personally do all of the work and maintain our relationships with our clients individually.


If you ever have any questions, require any information, or need anything else done to your business's website or other marketing aspects - we handle everything ourselves.


We've spent considerable time investing in a range of marketing and SEO tools that allow us to execute our clients' campaigns effectively and efficiently. Our greatest commitment is to achieving real tangible results for our clients, and it is for this reason that we handle all aspects of every campaign personally.

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Utilizing Best-In-Class SEO Tools & Resources
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