Instant Website Audit Tool

Get a comprehensive analysis of your business's website and find out what areas can be improved and fixed, in order to increase your visibility in search engines.
Our tool is very detailed - it looks at over 25 of the most important SEO factors across your website.
The report explains why each element is important in language that's simple to understand.

Get Your Free Real-Time Website SEO Analysis Report!

The tool will analyze your website and generate a report in around 30 seconds. You can even download a PDF copy for future reference.

Free custom-tailored SEO Audit

Get a professional perspective on exactly what you should fix or improve on your website.

We're currently offering small & local businesses free 30-minute personalized sessions, where we will walk through your website and point out exactly what needs to be addressed & fixed, in order to boost your business's visibility on Google - so that you can attract more customers. We will also do an analysis of your competitors and where you stand against them in terms of ranking on important keywords.

Use the calendar above to schedule your free 30-minute session. We do these sessions by sharing our screen with you, going through your actual website on our screen and showing specifics points and suggestions in real time. 


You will be speaking directly with the professionals - ABG's very own founders Michal and Jeremy. Our purpose for these sessions is to provide small & local business owners actual useful and actionable tips on how they can improve their website and visibility on Google.

We are giving these out completely free (for a limited time), and our focus is not to pressure to sell you anything. However, if you are looking for someone to manage your company's SEO - we can certainly help with that too!