32 Popular Website Types (With Examples)

In this day and age, the internet has transformed since it went mainstream in the early 2000’s.

With websites costing tens of thousands of dollars back in the day, while adoption transforming the technology to the point where you can now create a website for pennies on the dollar, it is an understatement to say that things have changed.

Along with these radical decreases in costs also came the advent of different types of websites.

Nowadays, there are many different kinds of websites that you can create.

This leads people to ask questions such as:

“How many types of websites are there?”

“What are the types of websites?”

Below we have answered these questions by digging deep to provide you with a list of many different types of websites with examples.

Before we jump into it, here is a video that is still relevant today that explains some of these websites in video format:

1. Small-Medium Business (SMB) Website

Small businesses take up a large portion of today’s economy.

With the world going online, small to medium sized business owners need to establish an online presence.

These websites are usually small, consisting of maybe about a couple dozen pages about the business’s products and services.

Examples of these types of websites are your local mechanic, dentist, or barber shop websites.

2. Corporate Website

These websites are for large corporations with many employees.

Naturally, these types of websites are quite large, consisting of hundreds or even thousands of webpages, and can include many different types of useful information, content, and webpages that are helpful to different constituencies.

Sites such as IBM and Rogers come to mind.

Types of websites.

3. Landing Page Or Single Page Website

On the other end of the spectrum is the single page website.

There are many purposes of a website, and for the single-page site, it is usually to incite one main action.

Such as a visitor becoming a lead.

Many marketers create multiple different landing page websites for the purposes of generating leads for their clients.

4. E-Commerce

E-commerce websites are becoming increasingly popular.

These websites are simply sites that sell products to customers online.

Amazon is the largest e-commerce site in the world.

Ecommerce webpages.

5. Branding Or Biography Website

Having a professional digital presence is also becoming increasing popular today.

A website that consists of “yourname.com” is a great way to reserve your digital presence and have a space that is your own to brand yourself.

Entrepreneurs use this technique quite often.

Tai Lopez is a great example of this.

6. Portfolio Website

This is a website that is dedicated to putting all of your projects in one place.

It is typically linked to in a resume when job seekers apply to jobs.

7. Resume

This is very similar to a portfolio website in the sense that it is used by job seekers, for employers.

The main difference is that a resume website takes a comprehensive view of all of your past work experiences on puts it all in one space on the web.

8. Personal

A personal website is a website that people create for own personal purposes.

This can be to express themselves, to have a place to write, vent, share their stories, etc.

It is a great way to put all of your thoughts in one place and express your unique personality to the world.

9. Entertainment

These websites are created for the sole purpose of entertainment.

The better these websites can entertain their audiences, the more money they can potentially make.

A good example of this is Barstool Sports.

10. News

News sites are just as they sound – they’re about the news (who would’ve thunk!)

Newspapers are quickly becoming old and outdated, and so now newspaper outlets are coming online.

CNN and Fox News come to mind here.

11. Media

Media sites are very similar to news sites, except they have additional elements to them.

They can be both about the news as well as entertainment.

They’re not fixed to one niche of business and can include many different types of content.

12. Political Website

These websites focus on politics.

They are even more granular than news sites because they focus on just the political niche.

Politico is a great example.

13. Government Website

A government website is simply the official website of a government entity.

This could be the official website of Canada, the United States, or any other government body.

Example of a government website.

14. Educational Website

These are created for the sole purpose of education and informing an audience.

These websites are everywhere – and can be found via virtually any type of online search.

Be careful, though – not all information out there is truthful!

15. Nonprofit Or Charity Website

Nonprofits and charities need websites, too!

These websites were created to support a worthy cause.

Jumpstart Charities and SickKids are examples of websites that are trying to make a difference in the world.

16. Web Portal

Web portals are websites that require a log in to gain access to.

They contain restricted content only meant for certain people.

Educational institutions and college are great examples of this, as they require they students to login in order to access their courses, funding, etc.

17. Community Forums

These are websites where a community can come together and communicate with one another.

There are many niche forums on the web that focus on a particular topic.

People who are interested in said topic can come to the forum and the subject with like-minded people.

Reddit is perhaps the most popular online forum in the world.

18. Blog

Another website type is a blog.

This is a type of website where usually an individual or a small group of people update it on a regular basis, and has an informal tone to it.

These can be personal blogs, niche blogs, informative blogs, etc.

These are millions of blogs on the web.

19. Catalog Or Brochure Website

This is a type of business website where a company creates a small website with only limited information about their company.

This is typically to show off a small number of products or to provide basic information to potential customers.

Businesses know that they need a website nowadays, and so a brochure website is a minimal website just to show that they have some sort of online presence.

20. Crowdfunding Website

This a platform for the purposes of raising money for a venture.

Lack of funds is one of the most common reasons for why businesses fail.

Today, you can go to a crowdfunding website such as Kickstarter to pitch your idea and have hundreds of small investors pool their money to get your business off the ground.

21. Social Media Network

Social media is the hype nowadays.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all the rage.

Social media networks are platforms where you can engage, create, and interact with other users in a social environment online.

Social media sites.

22. Search Engine

Search engines are websites that are used to find and discover other websites.

Google is the most popular search engine on the market.

Yahoo and Bing are other examples.

23. Wiki Website

Wikis are websites where you can edit and collaborate content.

Wikipedia is the most popular example, but there are many others, too.

They allow users to update and correct content on webpages to come to the most true, correct answer.

24. Video Streaming Website

Video streaming is becoming an extremely popular service.

People are moving from television to video on demand.

Netflix is the most notorious streaming service today, but Disney Plus may give them a run for their money.

25. Photo Sharing Website

Photo sharing websites are just that – websites where you can share photos.

Pixabay is a great example.

It allows you to search a key phrase and have relevant pictures be returned.

It is great to share your work and explore the work of others.

26. Business Directory

These are websites where you can search businesses based on their category and industry.

Yelp and Yellowpages come to mind here.

27. Review Site

These are sites created solely to review certain products and services.

Some review sites only focus on specific niches, and provide reviews on as many products within a particular industry as possible.

If you’re passionate about a certain topic – such as woodworking – you can most definitely find a review website that reviews the most popular woodworking tools on the market.

28. Question And Answer Website

Quora is perhaps the site that shows up most when you type a certain question into Google.

It is dedicated to answering any and every question that can be asked.

If you have a question about any topic under the sun, chances are that it has already been both asked and answered on Quora.

29. Job Boards

Looking for a job?

Workopolis or Indeed has the job for you!

These sites have taken the job search online, and provide job listings to job seekers looking for employers.

30. Coupon Website

Who doesn’t love a good deal?

Coupon sites allow you to search for any existing coupon for a particular brand or company you would like to purchase a product from.

Groupon is a leader in this industry.

Example of a coupon site.

31. Affiliate Website

Affiliate websites exist to make money from the commissions of product sales.

There are affiliate websites for every single niche you can think of, that focus on generating as much traffic to a website as possible in order to get as many eyeballs on their products where if a user buys, the website owner receives a commission on the sale.

This can be a very lucrative space to get into, as there are even full-time affiliate site owners that do this for a living.

32. Auction Sites

Auction sites are websites that auction off products online.

An example of this is GoDaddy.

Their particular product is domain names.

Here, you can bid on specific domain names that you’re interested in.


There are many different website types on the internet today.

There are personal blogs, corporate websites, web portals, forums, job boards, and many other types of websites that you can explore.

If you’re particularly in the market for a new WordPress website for your small business, contact Active Business Growth for a free quote today.

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