5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Invest In SEO

The digital marketing industry is massive.

There are many different areas in which you can invest in your business, and many different rabbit holes to go down.

Google Ads, Facebook advertising, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Yelp – the list goes on.

Is SEO worth it?

But also on this list is SEO.

And out of all of these different types of digital marketing channels, SEO may just be the one that could be the most profitable for your business – especially over the long term!

Let’s discuss 5 reasons for why this is the case.

1) Long Term, Permanent Results

Unlike most marketing channels, where if you stop paying you stop getting results, SEO can continually bring you business month after month for YEARS after your initial investment.

This is because SEO is a long term strategy that yields dividends over the years in the form of constant leads, conversions, and sales.

It is a slow, long, and tedious process to get to the top of a search engine results page (SERP) for any given specific keyword phrase.

Your business may have to invest in SEO for a couple of years in order to achieve the ranking results that you desire for your business.

But because it is such a long process to do so, when you actually ARE able to rank your website to the top of Google, it naturally stays there for months and months – even years if you do it right!

So, although you may have to implement an SEO strategy for a year or two, it will MORE than pay for itself back over and over again as you will likely keep your rankings for years to come.

This is why SEO is such a powerful play.

2) Cheaper Than Google Ads And PPC

Google Ads is a PPC platform where you “pay per click.”

This means that every single time a user clicks on your ad, you get charged.

Money is constantly flowing out of your business for each new lead that you acquire from PPC.

What are the benefits of SEO?

However, as discussed above, with SEO, you are not paying per click.

You are paying to implement an evergreen strategy that will eventually bring you FREE leads if done correctly.

Think about this statistic:

“On average, 41% of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on the search results page.” (Blue Corona)

This means that the rest of the 59% of clicks go to organic results (AKA SEO)!

So, while one company is investing in Google Ads for a specific key phrase and another company is at the top of the SERPs from SEO, then the company investing in Google Ads will be paying for every single click that is going to their site from their ads, while the company that is doing SEO will be receiving MORE clicks… FOR FREE!

Hiring the right agency like our Florida SEO company can provide your business with similar results.

3) Increase In Quality Traffic

With search engine optimization, the goal is to rank your site for target keywords.

This means that you can target high-intent keywords.

Unlike Facebook or Instagram ads, where you target people who are interested in or have liked similar pages to your website, you can actually target people who are ACTIVELY SEARCHING for your product or service.

It is intent-based marketing rather than interruption marketing.

Intent-based marketing is much more powerful because you are targeting people who are in buying mode.

People who are ready to buy your product or service, or who are actively searching or researching exactly what you have to offer.

This puts your business in a position to serve those who are actively interested in what it is that you do, instead of simply bombarding them on social media and interrupting their day.

It is a much more natural and organic way of converting a customer, and comes off much less salesy in the process.

In fact, most times it won’t even seem salesy!

They typed in what they were looking for, Google showed them your website (people trust Google), and so they naturally consider your product or service as a viable solution to their problem.

Does my business need search engine optimization?

And if you create your content properly, you can get in front of THOUSANDS of people who have a problem that your business can solve… EVERY SINGLE MONTH!

The power of SEO can truly be game-changing for your business.

4) Higher Conversion Rates

On the subject of social media marketing, one of its benefits is that it can give you the ability to put your business in front of a lot of people quickly.

But eyeballs mean nothing if they don’t convert.

As discussed above, social media marketing is interruption marketing.

It disrupts a user’s experience while they’re innocently scrolling on a social media platform.

Yes, you may get quite a few eyeballs on your content, but these eyeballs are FAR from being in buying-mode when you do this.

In fact, they are in the exact opposite mindset.

They’re looking at family, friends, or celebrities – NOT looking to buy a product or service at this point in time.

So when you go out and pay to put your business in front of them, the conversion rate is EXTREMELY low.

And I mean extremely low.

Traffic is useless unless it converts.

SEO, on the other hand, can STILL put you in front of thousands of eyeballs – it is just a longer process to do so.

But when you DO get in front of all of these people, these are the people that are going to have the highest chance possible of converting into a customer because they are the ones who are actively looking for what you have to offer!

It is estimated that “the overall percentage of organic traffic that should be converting into leads is 16%” (SmartBugMedia), as compared to other outbound methods (such as social media), which is 1.7%.

There is a world of difference between SEO traffic and social media traffic.

And SEO traffic is the world in which you want your business to live in.

5) Brand Credibility/ Dominate Search Results

Why do people use Google over Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and the rest of the other search engines?

Because they trust Google to provide the best results for what they’re looking for.

Meaning, if your website shows up in the organic search results for a specific keyword, people are going to trust that your business is reputable.

There’s no guessing whether or not you’re a valid business (as opposed to reaching your site from a random link in a forum, or something of the sort).

At this point, it will just be a matter of which business looks to be the best out of the first few results that the user clicks on in the SERP.

However, there is one powerful aspect of SEO that can catapult your business to next-level credibility

And it is that you can rank your business on the first page of Google MORE than once!

You can rank your business in Google Maps AND organic search results.

Should I invest in SEO?

Think about it:

If a user is searching the term “best family dentist” to sign their family up to, and YOUR business shows up first in Google Maps AND first in organic search resultswhat do you think the chances are that the user is going to trust that you actually are the best family dentist?

In our opinion, pretty darn high!

Google is literally TELLING them that you’re the best family dentist!

And like we said, people TRUST Google.

This combination of ranking in Google Maps and organic search results can do wonders for any local business.

It can be the difference that skyrockets your business to levels you never thought possible.

This is yet another way in which SEO justifies itself as one of the most – if not, the most – worthy investments you can possibly make for your business.


SEO is an investment that EVERY business should take advantage of.

There are many different marketing channels you can leverage for your business, but SEO has proved time and time again that it is one of the most effective channels out there.

From cheaper overall costs to increased traffic and higher conversion rates, search engine optimization truly is a strategy that can prove to be invaluable for your business in the long run.

If you’re a local business looking for SEO services, please fill out our discovery form to see if you qualify for a 100% free SEO audit AND custom growth action plan aimed at hitting all of your organic growth targets.

And if you’re from Toronto, please view our services page here.

Or if you’re from the States, please view our Virginia SEO services.

Thanks for reading and we looking to working with you soon!

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