Portfolio: A&B Paving

Being a seasonal business, A & B Paving was looking to book commercial and residential paving projects for the upcoming spring and summer months. To do so, we employed a combination of Google Search and Display campaigns, to target both individuals that are searching for related services, as well as an expanded audience that would be receptive to the core offerings. 

Services Provided


Visual Ads

Google Search

As the primary driver of leads, Google Search ads were used to put the business’s offerings in front of people who were actively searching for related services. 

Display Ad Support

Display ads were used to add an additional acquisition channel to target those who aren’t actively searching for services but may nevertheless be in the market or be receptive to the message.

Highlights Of Results

With the combined strategy, the campaigns were successful in generating a considerable amount of leads, at low costs per conversion – under $30 per lead.