Portfolio: Kansas King

Kansas King was looking to grow it’s awareness and drive new orders and store visits in the local Richmond Hill area. To do so, we opted to run campaigns centered around Display Ads, as drawing interest towards food and restaurants is most effective using a highly visual medium. 

Services Provided

Visual Ads

Wide Reaching Display Campaigns

Since display ads are placed across different websites and apps, they have an extremely wide reach. They are also generally much more cost efficient than other advertising methods. This made display ads a perfect fit for drawing mass awareness for the brand and its offerings, targeting users within a 15 mile radius of the restaurant.

Cross Device Ad Placements

Responsive display ads allow us to cover different devices and ad placements, allowing more advanced strategies such as targeting specific device types to increase the likelihood of online and phone orders. 

Highlights Of Results

Our campaigns have been effective in increasing brand awareness across the local geographic market, as well as an increase in online & phone sales and in-store traffic.